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Ref: & Addendum: AND THE WINNER IS?? &  A how to: On taking industry on the journey??

Do not drink the Kool Aide. – AP forum version.

The trick with a poisoned chalice is to not drink from it. 

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The appointments of Binskin and Spence, was backed into short odds by some of our wise, experienced, dedicated, active ‘savvy’ BRB fellahin was, as expected, a very good decision. That decision (we believe) was supported by some heavy duty mandarins from the top draw to whom we owe thanks. Also a thank you is owed to those who tirelessly campaigned and provided their expert advice, the right way, to the right people and were heard. Bravo, well done all. You know who you are, the impossible is done immediately – miracles just take a little longer (cue crowd applause and cheering).

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Wiki “The fifth labour was to clean the stables of King Augeas. This assignment was intended to be both humiliating and impossible, since these divine livestock were immortal, and had produced an enormous quantity of dung. The Augean stables had not been cleaned in over 30 years, and over 1,000 cattle lived there. However, Heracles succeeded by rerouting the rivers Alpheus and Peneus to wash out the filth.”

Aye, that just about sums up the challenges facing our yet to be tested dynamic duo. Its one thing to dress up as Elvis or Batman and Robin; quite another to actually perform the deeds of ‘derring do’. Spence faces the equivalent of the Augean stable; we must hope she can find two convenient rivers to assist. No doubt we shall see over the coming months. One line of observations will be the ‘resignation’ list; for obvious reasons there will be no public executions or floggings; I doubt we will even see the ‘stocks’ or pillory used, let alone some tar and feathers; which would be fun. Nope; the only proof of positive change resides in the future; changes in the Act’s; changes to regulation; the decline of fear, the disappearance of Embuggerance; and industry faith in a sane regulator restored. A mighty task, but help is always available at Hogwarts. 

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P2 footnote: Keep the following in mind from nearly 5 years to the day, via Oz Flying:…-of-change

“One of the keys to successful change is getting CASA’s people to understand they are one part of a much larger aviation safety system,” Skidmore says. “We do not hold all the knowledge and we need to form safety partnerships across industry, agencies, regulators and the global aviation community.

“There must be an environment where we can all work together to enhance the safety of the aviation environment we enjoy today. Our aim is to keep people flying and flying safely.”

Hmm…and we all know what happened to Skidmore –  Undecided

But enough – expect the worst, hope for the best is about all the industry can do until we start to see a clear picture and hear the changes being rung; however subtle and muted they may be – or not. MTF a racing certainty.

Completely off topic; but I really do love to see an ‘expert’ at work. This week I had the pleasure of watching a ‘wood carver’ – old school – working at his art. The lid of our blanket box is to be ‘carved’ with a pattern. The ancient turned up, on time, sat and drank his coffee in silence while he studied (microscopic) the box lid. A few line were sketched and a pattern was produced from a thick folder. I tried (very hard) to find something else to do, but in the end I asked ‘may I watch”. A smile and a nod was my answer. I sat very still and quiet, suddenly 1600 hrs arrived and before my eyes was an intricate, IMO beautiful pattern. The skill, speed and accuracy stunning, nary a curse or false cut all day. I paid his modest fee, pulled him a pint of Ale and we both sat quietly for a while – “how” I asked – “practice” says he and ‘the patience’ which you seem to lack”. Handshake, nod and a smile, pat for the dog and he vanished. I decided then not to learn or practice his art – but I will have the pleasure of working with him again. Aye well; best crack on.