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Ref: #SBG pre-editorial: McDolittle’s GA inquiry & Mick Mack bushwhacks SOE? &…r-the-job/ &…-proposal/

“Whereof what’s past is prologue; what to come,
In yours and my discharge.”
– AP Forum version

Hitch – “Regardless of who wins, the inquiry will lapse when parliament is prorogued and will have to be re-referred to the senate.

Spot on Hitch – this has been of concern to many. One may track and watch the entire  circus from the beginning, the whole two and a bit years of it through the 20/20 thread. The gradual reduction of enthusiasm and impetus clearly signposted as the inquiry dragged on and on. After all the time, effort and money invested the only positive to emerge is some small concession to CSF operations. Most believe that those concessions were won by Pagani and her crew rather than McDoolittle’s dainty soft shoe shuffle. Sure, the inquiry shone a light on the Angel Flight imbroglio, but AF did the heavy lifting – cost ’em $400,000 in legal fees, with no such help as a $700,000 donation gifted to little wings. But AF, despite the toils imposed still led the charge during the floods. Flexibility and willingness allowed AF to fly in not only badly needed supplies, but hope to some people who must have thought the end of the world was rapidly approaching. Bravo Marj, well done AF and Cheer’s to all who got their socks wet trying to help.

Watch out here comes Jonathon – Rolleyes

“Real education should educate us out of self into something far finer; into a selflessness which links us with all humanity.” – Nancy Astor

I suppose the real question could be ‘does the 20/20 gab-fest matter’? History is littered with ‘inquiry’ and the 20/20 inquiry had available all of the 30 year history and evidence and submissions to fall back onto; still valid for the most part. In nearly every submission to past inquiry the underpinning tenet has been a plea to reform and ‘professionalise’ the governing body and make them responsible for their actions. It has been and remains to this very day the basis of all complaint – the need to amend the Act. So long as CASA are legally vulnerable, they will continue to protect their nethermost parts- human nature ain’t it. If, as many believe the Act is the root of all evil, then the Act must be rejigged. That may not solve all of the problems, but I reckon it would go a long way down the road to real reform. But, I ramble. Has the McDolittle inquiry game been worth the candle? I, for one don’t think so. Is the McDolittle inquiry likely to effect serious reform? Not a cat in Hell’s chance – IMO.

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“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” ― Edmund Burke

Aye well, all that aside we must consider how those preparing submissions are viewed by the opposition. Some of the presentations to the 20/20 inquiry have been first class, delivered their ‘message’ in clear terms and earned at least a grudging respect. But what of those who’s message has been left wide open to ridicule, despite the good work done – like AOPA. There are 24 minutes of my life I’ll never get a refund on and they have left AOPA exposed to easy dismissal as amateurs. Instead of powerful images of the rape of Bankstown airport which should dismay a Senate committee – we got 24 minutes of the Morgan shirt front, shorts and boots. Seven y.o. kids therse days can point the camera at the subject, make a video and have it on ‘you-tube’ in 10 minutes flat; they’ve even got enough mental capacity to check and edit the video before slapping it up on their platform of choice. For Morgan to muff one video might be careless; but to repeat the mistake and ‘publish it’ – well. ‘Nuff said on credibility and image.

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“To lose one parent may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness.” ― Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest

There is a queue at the door and; for once, it’s not raining, lots of muddy puddles to romp through; best find my boots and join in the fun.