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With (a) bated breath. – AP Forum version.

“With bated breath and whisp’ring humbleness”

We have the Bard to thank for that erudite phrase – defined – “To wait with bated breath therefore means to become as still and quiet as possible, waiting with great anxiety and anticipation.”

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Aviation, entrusted to an isolated, emasculated, do nought minister is doing exactly as the definition above describes. Expecting and receiving the worst; whilst praying for the best. Within one short week we have witnessed two things which have the desired effect of keeping the industry “as still and as quiet as possible”. These are but two examples of the many which keep industry ‘in check’ and silent. Sen. McDonald provides a slim (anorexic) ray of watery sunlight through the dungeon walls – but there are no guarantees supporting that effort; and, in truth, we have all had our hopes raised in anticipation before – only to have ’em dashed and again required to live under a very real fear that there will be ‘retribution’ (pay-back) for daring to speak up. The risks in openly expressing any criticism of ‘the regulator’ are very, very real.


Look no further than the Monohan letter to Angel Flight pilots; a naked threat and every chance of real penalty – because AF stood up to the CASA and challenged their ‘wisdom’. In the real world it is not so. Take a careful read of the way the FAA worked with AF to resolve the ‘real’ problems within, resolved ’em; and, – importantly – produced a much better system, from which AF benefited – and went ahead in leaps and bounds. CASA elects to provide a veiled threat, a demand backed by criminal, strict liability for non compliance and gain an excuse to go after AF pilots – who have (as yet) committed no crime. There, boys and girls is the stick – the carrot – non existent – for there are always clerical errors to be found in the ‘paper-work’. Welcome to enforced self incrimination – CASA style.

Mark you; the CASA golden plumage was ruffled this week; court with AF not going according to script and then, the magnificent Buckley hour, blasted around the world on social media for all to see. AOPA, Cannane and Morgan managed it very well indeed. The Morgan interruptions beautifully timed, to emphasise and expand ‘stuff’ Glen_B lives with every day – shocking is mildly understated. But, what of Buckley – the man.


How many of our top class pilots learned their trade at small, local flying schools? Lots is the answer. Working through the week, scraping together the dollars needed to pay for a lesson, girlfriends not taken out, Vegemite sandwiches for dinner and late night study, car neglected; all in pursuit of the idea of becoming a ‘professional’ pilot. Those pilots met and learned from ‘the Buckleys’ of this trade. They are a unique breed – pure aviation – 100 octane for blood, aerodynamics for structure and a complete understanding of the ‘need’ to fly. How many reading here have given up a birthday party; a hot date, a free meal, forgotten the kids – because the ‘phone rang and the clarion call of a ‘flight’ – hopefully for pay – was offered. People like Buckley (many of ’em) understand that. Some folk, like Buckley, are natural born teachers – not just of ‘up’ down’ ‘left’ ‘right’ and don’t hit anything school – but dedicated to producing the very best of pilots – those who ‘understand’ the job. Buckley has a further gift which is offered free of charge – that of being fully capable of reading, understanding and (importantly) translating the CASA debacle of flight school regulations into a practical, sensible, working system. That of course revealed the ignorance and flaws in some of the most misconceived, poorly drafted, badly managed, politically driven, twisted regulation ever writ. A bloody catastrophe – neatly rejigged to working solution by Buckley. Unthinkable: Even Qantas had trouble getting their ‘school’ over the line – Buckley did, and he was pilloried for his efforts. What do CASA do – they threaten him for daring to speak out and publish.

Glen – A message from our sponsors:-

And McDonald wonders why her great inquiry into matters aeronautical is not getting the response it merits – listen to Buckley or, talk to AF. Off the record,  condemnation – on the record Nada. Who dares speak out? It is a bloody shambles minister – you know it, we know it, every one except the poor mug tax payer knows it. Time to put the brakes on methinks. Every revolution through history began why? To paraphrase you can shag some of the people, some of the time – etc.

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And, so it goes. Shylock’s barbed comment is very apt to the state ‘aviation’, under the iron rule of the CASA, industry has every right – every single one of ’em; to beg answer to the same question asked 300 years ago. It still remains unanswered. 

Go to then, you come to me, and you say,

“Shylock, we would have moneys,” you say so. . . .

Shall I bend low and in a bondman’s key,

With bated breath and whisp’ring humbleness,

Say this:

“Fair sir, you spet on me Wednesday last,

You spurn’d me such a day, another time

You call’d me dog; and for these courtesies

I’ll lend you thus much moneys”

You can see the point – as it refers to the glorious balls up the ‘CASA’ front row have engendered. They have little to recommend a further industry ‘loan’ in the form of fees, obedience or silence against travesty.

“Every eye fixed itself upon him; with parted lips and bated breath the audience hung upon his words, taking no note of time, rapt in the ghastly fascinations of the tale” 

Aye; well may you ask, what in all the the Hells is the fool banging on about this time: well; I shall tell you – “avec votre indulgence”

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Consider industry as Shylock – without him, there simply is no gold to lend – full stop. It all turns to worms the moment the money stops; and it will unless someone in ‘power’ steps up, man’s up (or woman’s up – as the case maybe) to stop the endless ‘loans’ (and silence) industry provides to support a demonstrably failed, completely autonomous, defunct, belligerent, totally useless body – one with the almost unbelievable title of Civil Aviation Safety Authority. If ever there was a more ineptly named ‘thing’ it is embodied therein.

Civil – “relating to ordinary citizens and their concerns, as distinct from military or ecclesiastical matters.”  or; courteous and polite”.

Aviation – “the flying or operating of aircraft.”

Safety – Safety is a state of being protected from potential harm or something that has been designed to protect and prevent harm.

Authority – a person or organisation having political or administrative power and control.

Get to the point fool – they howl. ‘Tis but a simple matter. The fool may ask a question even a wise man cannot answer. No matter – the questions stands thus:-

But first – read Monohan, watch and listen to Buckley, before replying:-

In what way has ‘civil’ been applied?

“She has also been reading submissions to the inquiry and said they contained evidence that “would make your hair curl“.

Now that I’m done here, I have time to consider the applications for the DAS position – entertaining as they are. Too early to post a tote, but there are a couple of ‘interesting’ applications – even one from a former CASA board member – NO; there is no choc frog for guessing who. The really interesting race is the one for ‘legal’ positions which will become vacant – MTF on the Cornucopia Cup – (or, trough dwellers stakes) as time goes by.

Old sand stock wall glows in the dim light, the stove at half throttle and the dogs stretched out, not curled into shapeless lumps; steady, valuable rain patters on the tin roof. A final read through the ramble scripted. ‘Tis a ramble, humbly provided without apology in the vain hope that someone, somewhere will get off their arses, speak up and get this untenable, unsustainable mess sorted out. Right then; find hat; exeunt stable door, whistle up the dogs – check list complete. Freedom and an illicit cigar; paradise…..