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Ref:…bull-dust/ &…ts-senate/ &…up-flights & From PG 49: Case study – Birds? What birds?

Ophelia’s and the madness of others, considered. – AP Forum version.

I’ve no idea why, but ‘Hamlet’ always takes me to CASA and the twisted logic within. Is it a form of madness: that which comes of having no man or tenet to answer to? Or is it the real thing – where contact with any semblance of that which is real; or, of the earthly world ceases to matter?

Her speech is nothing,
Yet the unshapèd use of it doth move
The hearers to collection. They yawn at it
And botch the words up fit to their own thoughts,
Which, as her winks and nods and gestures yield them,
Indeed would make one think there might be thought,
Though nothing sure, yet much unhappily.”

Translation – “In these lines a gentleman reports to Gertrude and Horatio concerning Ophelia’s descent into madness and her incoherence—that is, her “unshapèd use” of language. What’s interesting here is the gentleman’s emphasis on how others strive to make sense of her bewildering language. Ophelia seems to act in a way that implies her words carry intentional meaning, and so those around her seek to rearrange (i.e., “botch”) the words in order to make some sense of them. But the gentleman persists in thinking that her words represent pure madness. Thus, “Her speech is nothing.”

Then of course the rational mind, must wonder who is the ‘pottiest’? Fair question. Let me explain:-

IOS indaba at my place last evening. Dutifully, I went to the local BWS to lay in supplies against expected need. They have a 1.5 m spacing thing going on – which is fine – but I wondered at the pair of ‘fools’ who blocked an entire aisle while they buggered about for the 20 minutes I was there, with the fridge doors open while they ‘selected’ one bottle of white wine from the selection of Chateau Piss de Z chat on offer. The fridge doors are always clear of moisture – made me wonder WTD were their heads. Anyway – with the desired libations purchased, I toddled off, 12 seats around the stove, sausage rolls and pies from DT’s magical, forbidden kingdom, stove lit, lamps burning: the scene was set. Enter the IOS and designated drivers (safely ensconced in DT territory) and – game on.

“Buckley” rasped a senior member – ATSB called another – ASA another. Lots of axes – one millstone. “Shall we begin with news” says I. Over the top of a pint – “Speak it” say’s P7.

Our old friend John Quadrio set me an email with a very strange ‘Statutory declaration’ (SD) attached to it. The SD was from the guy CASA had decided was their principal witness in the case against Quadrio; it was quite a story, another one. This witness fellah has been in more trouble than Speed Gordon and has, IMO, the credibility of Benjamin Franklin. Nevertheless; the lasts SD from this fellah; if it could ever be proven, speaks of a perceived culture within CASA which must, if formally identified, be eradicated. The star witness for CASA is not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. I’m not demeaning the man, far from it. Vulnerable, incarcerated, easily frightened, manipulated and managed, this bloke is still struggling to put down an anchor.  Ruthlessly manipulated, exploited, threatened, bullied, bribed and cajoled – a willing acolyte to whoever seemed to be the most powerful. For example – early parole from prison granted on CASA investigator say so – he claims. The same fellah has just been in trouble for, once again, pretending to be a Jetstar pilot in order to impress the ladies of his acquaintance (or not).

Cairns woman forced to leave town after being stalked by ex

[Image: f773804128c6dc74b1ae93905a921739]
An online dating profile belonging to Cairns man Benjamin Coglan who allegedly continues to harass a former partner.

I asked the IOS to vote on one question. “Can you believe anything this fellah says or say’s he’s done? NO comes the instant answer. Which begs the question why did CASA bet so much stock (the whole case) to this mans dubious testimony? To what end was Quadrio driven to depression and divorce? To what purpose, in any meaningful way, shape or form did the crucifixion of Quadrio serve air safety? Or; more to the point, why did Moore do what he did, ruthlessly and without qualm – and at who’s direction did he act – and why?.

Quadrio is but one of many who have been ‘rubbed out’ by CASA. Buckley another in a list of 20 names, which took exactly 18 seconds for the IOS to call out.

There is a pattern emerging; a distinct path which leads to but one conclusion – at the bottom (or head) of CASA there is a bizarre and twisted logic at work. You see, like poor Ophelia, their madness is the real thing – complete loss of marbles: call it what you will. But from Lockhart River through Seaview and on to Pel Air something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

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Whose tongue soe’er speaks false, not truly speaks; who speaks not truly, lies. ” ―  William Shakespeare, King John (1623).

Anyway – ’twas a good discussion, robust and frank. Hell, it could have easily ended up in fisticuffs had wiser, calmer heads not prevailed. It is the appearance (real or imagined) of gross corruption within the aviation system which incites such passionate debate. Well, in my stable it does. But what about where it matters? Parliament and the minister. You do realise that with an intelligent minister and a breath of change; this would all go away. Alas, as it stands; if I were a minister, I’d buy a tin hat and hire a bloody good lawyer – I would, indeed. Yes, I would.

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Why? – Well here’s a simple question. Why would CASA use such a witness against Quadrio? We can tell you of course – but it’s more fun to let the media get a hold on it. Wait a while minister; perhaps the truth of Mildura, SOAR, Rex, Pel Air, Quadrio, Buckley, Mangalore, Essendon and even Andy Wilson may emerge – just before the next election. You never know, not really, what independent people in a democracy can do, not until you test the boundaries of tolerance. Oh Yeah – bring it on.

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Aye well – all gone now, glasses in the sink, empty bottles consigned to the pit. Result? In short – ASA, ATSB and CASA once again consigned to the deepest pits of Hell. So what? Well, I had more ‘expertise’ sat at my hearth tonight than any of the ‘agencies’ could dream of, let alone persuade to ‘participate’ in the minuscule’s wet dreams.

How is it that the animals know – exactly – when I’m done here? They do. I pick up a half smoked cigar, finish off my pint and look up. Six bright eyes all awaiting the ‘away’ word – although what the Hell the cat thinks it’s playing at is anyone’s guess. No matter –

“Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,

But, for real food for thought – try S T Coleridge. –

Oh; Jagermiester and Kilkenny – should anyone ask. –