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Ref: TICK TOCK goes the McDonaught CLOCK?? & DW I update: 1 Oct 2019. &…f01123c683 &…with-fury/

Of school boys and – Latin. – AP forum version.

Those who actually had the benefit (?) of ‘Latin’ (no option) at boarding school will no doubt remember the seemingly endless ‘repetition’ required to conjugate the verbs; tedious and fraught with peril. I wonder how many serious belly laughs and on going salutations have been conjured by boys taking liberties and misconstruing word/meaning while tinkering with the ‘verb’. When I dust off the memory, I can remember howling with laughter at some carefully bent ‘quotations’ but now, I wander far from the pathway chosen. Mea Culpa. What kicked of this pointless ramble is that there is, in fact, little to rattle on about – and what there is beggars sensible comment. Even the notation on the score – ‘ad libitum’ – fails to inspire.

‘argumentum ad infinitum.

Wiki “For example, “this has been discussed ad nauseam” indicates that the topic has been discussed extensively and those involved have grown sick of it. The fallacy of dragging the conversation to an ad nauseam state in order to then assert one’s position as correct due to it not having been contradicted is also called”

You get my drift – the discussion regarding how to manage ‘matters aeronautical’ best has been dragging on now for thirty plus years. Countless words, dollars, hours and effort willingly and voluntarily contributed by an industry willing and able to provide the right advice. T’uther side mounting the same old contrary response; minister more concerned with budgets, ‘grants’ and re-election, ignorant and easily led by the ‘safe option’ of official advice. Time and time we see the great efforts to restore balance and security and ‘real life’ safety trumped by those who’s only risk is their expenses, pension and super fund. The ‘innovators’ should be working for the agencies; their innovations and experience should be leading industry toward more effective means of operating, not hampering them with dire threats, instant loss of licence and business and a criminal record to go with the collection. Take strict liability – go through a Red light, cause an accident – the book thrown at you should hit – hard. Go through on amber – and get hit with the same charge – same fine same penalty = bullshit. When the ‘camera’ is rigged to get you ‘across the line’ but flashes halfway through the crossing – you’re nicked mate. Strict liability at work. :Lazy, revenue generating and a sinister back spin that it is being done for ‘safety’. Bollocks.

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P2 comment – Note that the above correspondence to the RRAT Committee was yet another occasion where Dr A was (mysteriously and unannounced) in the ‘Acting DAS’ role??

Aye well; ’tis of no matter (not much!). But there is one question I would really like to answer to; should the current ‘Senate’ inquiry ever get off it’s collective and start asking the serious questions. Why, when he have an airspace nightmare does the incumbent Halfwit only ever turn up with his slick accountant? What is needed is ‘airspace’ designers from the first world; technology from that world; ATCO who are reassured that they will not be held to criminal charges. We need to hear from Civil Air who represent the boys and girls at the coal face. Australia has first world controllers, third world equipment, draconian laws and penalty with ‘traffic’ facing up an hour of holding to land at a capitol city aerodrome – in good weather. This has devolved into an internationally embarrassing situation – 14 hours across the Pacific then hold for thirty minutes – with 14 hours of notice my Grand Mamma could get ’em a straight in. So can our ATCO’s – but we must protect the Electric Blue’s KPI’s. I, for one of many am over it; so should the government be – Alas; Halfwit and his ‘bag man’ have spent too much on selling a ‘Big Sky’ faery story. I rest my case until the next mid air collision (coming soon to a TV near you)…

Not really paying any attention at lunch time, looking through the posts, I, quite by accident opened the one with the AOPA ‘broadcast’ (which technically it ain’t) from AOPA. Too late I’d opened it up. Corned beef and pickle sandwich, mug of tea – what the Hell – let it roll. Talk of ad tedium – I forget the time lines now but it worked out at Morgan 7:1 against whoever was on the other end of wire. He just sits there talking ‘at’ the unfortunate on the other end. AOPA is – overseas a fine body; they do great work. I’ll bet the rest of my sandwich that if they even bothered to look and listen to the ‘Morgan’ half hour they’d be glad of the separation the addition of ‘Australia’ to the AOPA brand is there. In a nutshell – in the USA if you need support – ring AOPA. In Australia AOPA needs your support – sign here and pay now. Irrelevant we can abide; ineffectual we can live with – but pay for this? Nope, promote AMROBA, AusALPA, AIPA, even the AFAP; mention some of the brilliant submissions being ploughed under during the current Senate inquiry; promote them – Morgan don’t signify – those submissions do. Enough with the advertorials already.

Yet life still holds delights and unexpected pleasures. DT has a friend who, today, delivered ‘a lot’ of 160 y.o. Australian Cedar – rare indeed. Seems I am to make a blanket box – design supplied. This wonderful timber of chocolate and soft yellows and subtle reds welcomes the plane’s blade, vibrant with promise, shining smooth and so very easy to work with. I ‘cleaned up’ (flat and four square) a 6’6” x 8” wide (old money) board; it sits on the bench now – in lamplight – and I wonder how a nation could simply export it all – to the point of extinction. IKEA – eat your socks – this will be a work a art. Well, it would be if I could get the cat off of it; Aye, tomorrow is soon enough. The orchard gate beckons, the river’s siren song is clear – the dogs wait, patiently, at the doorway; ’tis a night for contemplation…

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Even till I shrink with cold, I smile and say,
“This is no flattery. These are counselors
That feelingly persuade me what I am.”
Sweet are the uses of adversity,
Which, like the toad, ugly and venomous,
Wears yet a precious jewel in his head.
And this our life, exempt from public haunt,
Finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks,
Sermons in stones, and good in everything.