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Q/ Can you spot the difference between lucky & unlucky?

12 Jul
Lucky vs Unlucky

  Reference AuntyPru Forum:  Hoodlum we may have a problem? Gobbledock quote:  Shit I hope the Indo’s listen to what the astute Alan Stray taught them and they don’t follow the Beaker template for incident investigations. Otherwise there will be ATR’s dropping from the sky over Indo waters! Tick tock Update: Also now on the Planetalking […]

By George, some have got it

10 Feb

Bravo – Finally, some sense from two Prune posters.  At long last, after only 3181 posts, sweet logic, pragmatic professional thinking and cool sense prevail; finally.  Halle-bloody-lujah… 😀 .. Ian W – Pprune – At one stage in my ‘career’ I qualified as an ISO-9000 auditor. One of the things that was expressed to me […]

TransAsia data

08 Feb

Both Taiwan’s Aviation Safety Council and Civil Aeronautical Administration (CAA), both deserve praise and are setting an example.  Within a very short space of time, they have confirmed the ‘Tower – Flight’ transcript and provided as much reliable flight path and technical data as is possible, considering the circumstances.  Well done Taiwan… The graphics provided […]

TransAsia – Consider options

08 Feb

Ben Sandilands Posted February 7, 2015 at 1:53 pm | Permalink An experienced pilot who doesn’t wish to comment in his own name or using an alias has offered the following perspective, which I think makes some persuasive observations: When I did my multi engine rating, my instructor strongly emphasised that the actions after engine […]


05 Feb

It’s way too early for technical theory and chest beating hypotheses; but a little operational ‘savvy’ may provide the first clues.   Finally, I found a soupcon of calm, professional analysis on Pprune. BG 47 – “If you look at the flight route that was posted above, it looks like the crew was attempting to follow the […]