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Who’s doing what, to whom and who is paying?

11 Aug

Well, no wonder the RRAT committee are asking awkward questions.  The document provided –HERE – although unsubstantiated and anonymous, begs so many questions; but, if it is ever proven, it provides answers a lot of the nagging, background questions. One of our associates, who is qualified to speak, has studied the document. Quote:A program to replace […]

ASA – A Sorry Affair?

31 Jul

Tethered goat or spring lamb? Staib was, shall we say, disappointing.  Even with Hood to assist, the lady never really stood a fighting chance and Houston, who must know where the skeletons are buried, did not really openly weigh in to support his long time colleague.  If you go back over the estimates recordings – […]

Cui bono – Silly question.

01 Jul

From the Oz, page 7 by ‘that man’ Ean Higgens with an exclusive from Mar De Stoop, president AOPA. [My Bold]. Quote: The association representing general aviation has called for a moratorium on forcing aircraft owners to spend considerable amounts of money to introduce a new navigation system championed by Air· services Australia chairman Angus […]