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P2 – Wheat from Chaff: “..a coupla choccy frogs are in order..”

29 Apr

P9 quote: “Amongst the screaming, shouting, chest beating, hair pulling and bitch slapping; the calm, measured, professional voices of common sense and logic can be clearly heard.  Paul Howard’s amongst them.   Bravo that man.”    {Comment: To Brigitte Lanteri TY for bringing this to my attention… } From the MMSM this afternoon (approximately 14:45 Oz EST) […]


29 Jan

From what is in the public domain, it appears the only source of information being used to define the search area is the Inmarsat data. The problem with this data is it generates a multitude of possible solutions, resulting in an enormous search area. If the current search does not turn up MH370, we will […]

Cruise conversation 1

26 Jan

I agree with P9; as the PAIN network senior 777 captain there are some questions which we have been discussing amongst ourselves, we believe the answers are important.  It is the direct involvement of the ATSB rather than AMSA that provides an element of suspicion which impinges on and detracts from the credibility of any […]