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The Pel-Air review, the itch I couldn’t scratch.

26 Sep

Intro – then  P2’s take – then:- Hiatus; after the storm. I quite enjoy a full head of steam, most refreshing, but I do however like to know the root cause. When I got the whole story from Kaz; the blue touch paper started to fizz; certainly the Walker insulting, demeaning behaviour and unbelievable ‘attitude’ […]

With a shovel full of shit and a tail wind.

13 Sep

Even then; wind assisted, this benighted industry can’t hit the barn door of change.  I read much about ‘changing’ the Act, I have no quarrel with the proposal, even less with some of the suggested ‘philosophy’.  Those who believe the Act is the key to industry prosperity and well being are articulate, intelligent, sensible folk; […]

“To put an antic disposition on.”

10 Sep

Was the Hamlet madness feigned, a ruse to confound and confuse? Many believe it was. The ‘antic disposition’ of true reform reminds and reinforces the notion of a questionable madness. “Nor do we find him forward to be sounded. But with a crafty madness keeps aloof When we would bring him on to some confession […]