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You won’t see any pretty little graphs or trite, nimble, dissembling statements made on the actions of the real ‘power’ which protects, defends and covers over the real evil done by CASA operatives.  Nor will you ever see a report into the workings of, or decisions made by the Ethics Committee which runs the show.

If and it is a very big IF, there is to be any visible sign of ‘real’ CASA reform, driven by Senate persuasion, an examination, in depth, of some of the decisions and ruling made by this committee is essential.  In fact, it is the only worthwhile ‘inquiry’ could make. The power and control this small body has is as scary as the total lack of accountability, to anyone, for any of its actions, or lack thereof.  This is as deliberate as it is cynical.

For my sins, I have been crawling about in the dark, dirty places of CASA actions, covered in cobwebs with only a dim candle to light my way, in an attempt to get to the heart of this very subject.  It is journey I wish I’d never made. It will take a while to forget the stench and cleanse the filth.  I am not speaking of the overt, easily defined pressures CASA are bringing on industry to get the volume down and take some of the spotlighted aberrations off stage. That campaign is running at full speed right now, cosy lunches eaten with velvet glove over scaly claw, the inducements and not so subtle threats. But not of the real deal horrors.

You can make a complaint – sure you can; you may be able to emphatically prove, beyond all reasonable doubt that embuggerance occurred; you may even be able to prove that CASA officers acted incorrectly or worse.  The ICC may even confirm that complaint.  So what.  Once all the rigmarole of ICC and meetings and grudging retraction is done, your complaint may – just may find it’s way into the rarefied, complex, convoluted atmosphere of the ‘Board’ and on to the Ethics committee.  That’s it; no more will be heard and worse, nothing further will happen to whoever ‘wronged’ you. In fact you may, if you pay attention and watch very closely see that ‘advancement’ often follows.  I could cite three, very serious, vicious individual cases, which are particularly relevant, and another dozen serious cases, if permission was granted. Should there ever be an inquiry with full protection, these cases will be first and foremost.

Unfortunately, without a suitable platform, silence must be maintained. That, stand alone is a sad, sorry, disgusting statement. There should be, but it won’t happen, be a united push for an inquiry into the workings and ruling of the ‘Ethics’ committee.  The very least acceptable outcome being that the ‘case’, the committee’s pronouncements, rulings and decisions along with the minutes be made public.   “Not in a million” howls the mob.  This I know to be true, for that would implicate the minister and that, boys and girls, just ain’t going to happen.

The IOS believe that the workings of this committee and their output should be made available for scrutiny and independent peer review, if not to the public then at least to the minister.

The ignored and maligned Senate recommendations from Pel-Air and the ASRR provided a good platform for inquiry. IMO, it is time for an ‘in depth’, public examination of just how CASA is actually, in reality run, and by whom.  The minister cannot be held accountable if he is not made aware of the true situation; he cannot possibly know so long as the industry is under threat and the rule of silence prevails.  But, I expect quiet little ‘easements’ and sugar coated enticements serve to help disguise the very real threats.  So not much will change, not for real anyway.

There never was, not ever, such a thing as a free lunch.

He who sups with the devil should have a long spoon.