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As time goes by.

21 Feb

The tragic Canley Vale accident fades slowly from the public memory, the highly criticised ATSB report gathers dust and hope of the mooted Senate inquiry into the event becomes a faint, distant memory as the endless wait for the Coroners inquest stretches from far away to infinity. There has been one inquest; that into the […]

Out, damned spot! Out, I say!

20 Feb
One day all of this will be gone.

Some may notice, but not many, that the forum thread heralding the imminent departure of Truss has been moved to the mothball forum.  This, of it’s self is not particularly interesting, I moved it simply because there was little of interest or value to be gained discussing the topic.  Then the little lamp came on […]

Aviation Shame or Fame for Chester?

14 Feb
Nash & Chester

Disappointed that Senator Fiona Nash didn’t take up the Infrastructure & Transport portfolio, after sitting on the RRAT Committee for a number of years in Estimates & especially the Pelair cover-up Inquiry she certainly would have been well briefed on the toxicity that lies within the Aviation Safety ‘three Stooges’. Barnaby would have been a bit of […]