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That time of the year – again.

20 Dec

Part 1: The Clementine conundrum. It’s not a well known tale; in fact, we all try to keep a hat on it; for obvious reasons.  But, it is a fact that one of the reindeer herd, a most beautiful, nubile young doe was taken by ET.  It happened a while ago.  Mrs S was taking […]

State Safety Programme 2016. (Draft).

09 Dec

Quote:1. Safety is the primary consideration of Australia’s aviation agencies and industry in the performance of their functions; Draft State Safety Programme 2016. – HERE. “Safety”: that dreadful word is trotted out, once again.  Mitigating or reducing the risk levels to the travelling public would be a more accurate, honest description.  Much has been written […]

Boyd the believable.

07 Dec

The press release –HERE – from the CASA Board is a significant milestone in the long saga of many frustrating attempts to reform Australia’s aviation regulator. Much depended on the patience, political skill and determination of the new board and it’s chairman. The wait has been worth it; no resolution as yet, but a definitive step […]