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ASA – A Sorry Affair?

31 Jul

Tethered goat or spring lamb? Staib was, shall we say, disappointing.  Even with Hood to assist, the lady never really stood a fighting chance and Houston, who must know where the skeletons are buried, did not really openly weigh in to support his long time colleague.  If you go back over the estimates recordings – […]

Is duck shoving – unacceptable?

29 Jul

Before we begin this journey, there is some essential background information which we hope will assist the reader to follow the trail of breadcrumbs to what we believe is an inescapable conclusion. Quote:Duck-shove is first recorded in The Australian National Dictionary from 1870 to describe the pushy behaviour of Melbourne cab drivers. It seems to […]

And we pay for this …

23 Jul

See – Ben Sandilands – Plane Talking; through Crikey; And we pay for this – The MK &Co article is of double interest. In the first place, it typifies the ‘expert’, hands on, rapid response first class industry analysts must provide to airlines. Make no mistake, both Qantas and Virgin have people capable of providing […]

Any chance of good sense prevailing?

20 Jul

Ean Higgens.  The Australian. Another nicely balanced article from that man ‘Iggins; some of the subtleties, complexity and complications of airspace management touched on, without taking the topic beyond the grasp and interest of the ‘man at the back of the room’. Quote:Mr Cash cited as an example of the variety of contradictions a recent incident […]

A Sunday ramble.

18 Jul

The Enforceable v Affordable safety – a twiddle. Whether we get another chance to voice an opinion to a Senate committee is in the lap of the gods.  But, if we do, I’ve been playing about with some of PAIN associates theories and notions related to ‘safety’ as in the ‘mystique thereof’.  Some of the […]

Addendum – Reform hopes DAS’d.

18 Jul

The following quotes/excerpts are taken from the AIPA submission 8 to the Pel-Air cover-up Senate Inquiry.  A submission I might add that is well worth taking the time to read in it’s entirety  First this on the standards of the ATSB reports: From bottom of page 8: …In 2011, we raised our concerns in our Supplementary Submission to this Committee […]

Analysis – also deemed non essential.

16 Jul

The 777 event is deemed ‘an incident’.  The A330 event is defined as a ‘serious’ incident. There’s a head scratcher for starters.  I expect the difference is because the EPGWS chimed in.  But it’s the ‘result’ section of both ‘summary’ reports that makes me despair of ATSB. Quote:Q – In response to this occurrence Qantas […]

Seven dire warnings.

15 Jul

1.   A proud look 2.   A lying tongue 3.   Hands that shed innocent blood 4.   A heart that devises wicked plots 5.   Feet that are swift to run into mischief 6.   A deceitful witness that uttereth lies 7.   Him that soweth discord among brethren   (Proverbs 6). Quote:TB – “Could this be the reason why CAsA […]

BRB Indaba. (one for the purists).

11 Jul

Balancing acts and Shanghai darts. Walked into a cheery session of the BRB last evening, good turn out, more to do with roster than anything else, but even so; the place was buzzing.  P7_TOM ambled off to get them in, for it was settling up day and I had four pints on his slate, so […]

Comments pages are, we regret, closed.

08 Jul

The ‘Blog’ site has some fairly basic statistics ‘tools’, one of which is a visitor counter. There are many visitors who wish to post comment.  We have had a lot of trouble with ‘Spammers’ on the ‘blog’, which is why the comments section of the ‘Blog’ has been closed off, it’s sad; but unfortunately, necessary. […]

Reform ? forget it.

06 Jul

Chips and the spitting thereof. Quote:AP “ In that foul stroke of a pen, Australia became aligned and “harmonized” overnight with NZ policy. Note again, that the NZ PMO’s published paper was the only reference given for the CASA change of implementation.”   Quote: AP “This matter is merely one manifestation of a broader failure of […]

CVDPA Announcement – From Arthur Pape

06 Jul

{Courtesy of Arthur Pape & the CVDPA (to comment visit Aunty Pru Forum thread – CVD pilots can fly – it’s official. ) – P2}   There have been two significant meetings with the Director of CASA, Mr Mark Skidmore on the topic of the Aviation Colour Perception Standard (ACPS). The first was on June 22nd at […]

Dear Warren – re Cash and no Bull-pooh.

02 Jul

The respect of ones peers is traditionally earned, grudging or otherwise. We (aviation) all keep hoping Warren Truss will earn that respect (and a gold star) by righting the wrongs inflicted, without our consent on aviation. After the 2008 non-event, I confess, that we have indeed given him precious little – the derogatory title ‘minuscule’ […]

Cui bono – Silly question.

01 Jul

From the Oz, page 7 by ‘that man’ Ean Higgens with an exclusive from Mar De Stoop, president AOPA. [My Bold]. Quote: The association representing general aviation has called for a moratorium on forcing aircraft owners to spend considerable amounts of money to introduce a new navigation system championed by Air· services Australia chairman Angus […]