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I managed to stuff up the links for the Zippyshare downloads.  My apologies to all..Blush.. I believe they are ‘fixed’ now.  Please be careful with the Zippy share down load page; only click the ‘Download Now’ button to avoid the spam and advertising (unless you like that kind of thing)..Smile..

Sunfish, aka Sunny on song is one of the Prune pundits worth reading.  HERE.

 “In addition, thanks to Karen Caseys law suit, we now find that there appears to be a web of corruption involving political donations by Pel AIrs owners to political parties who then lent upon CASA and ATSB. This has all the features of what is termed Crony Capitalism – you scratch my back, I scratch yours.”

The probity and integrity of any ‘official’ air safety system should like Caesars wife, be beyond suspicion.  When events such as MH 370 or Air Asia occur, there cannot be a shadow of doubt over the investigation; simply denying that there is a hint of ‘latitude’ given when the evidence which screams for a full, impartial investigation is published, by no less than the Senate in Parliament.  How can an overseas government possibly rely on Australian probity, unless of course, that is the particular blend of probity required.