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Yes welcome Greedy and a most profound opening post:

Quote:It could also be that she knows that “keeping mum” about the business will allow her to progress in the industry. It is a sad fact that anyone having the temerity to complain or assist others to complain invites retribution. As I understand it Dominic James is still not employed within the aviation industry. I think the difference in circumstances of each says it all.

Your post followed by the “K” post (along with many of the 269 publicly available ASRR submissions) reflect a sad indictment of the current culture permeating the halls of Aviation House & the regional offices of CASA (in particular Bankstown).

The Wodger instigated, manipulated, black letter enforcement process inflicted on DJ IMO is 2nd to the worst case of embuggerance by CASA that I have had the sickening privilege to review in all it’s corrupt, shonky well Wodgered glory… Angry

The following are excerpts from documents/emails released to DJ from CASA under the FOI Act; see here & here

The 1st one highlights what Greedy says in regards to those who dare to speak up:
[Image: DJ-embuggerance-1.jpg]
In the 2nd boxed statement you can feel the affront that the Sociopath Wodger still holds for DJ after nearly 3 years of CASA (Wodger) inflicted purgatory.

Okay now let us refer to the rest of the SFR from Wodger to Hoody:

[Image: DJ-embuggerance-2.jpg]
[Image: DJ-embuggerance-3.jpg]
[Image: DJ-embuggerance-4.jpg]

Kind of gives you an idea of how much contempt the former RAAF baggage flinger has for pilots, it also highlights how Wodger managed to hoodwink former senior exec Hoody… Dodgy

So how was he able to get away with it?? Well firstly refer to the Wodger email header on the bottom of page 1 of the FOI4 pdf and see just who was kept in the picture with the DJ embuggerance. Now refer to the other FOI (68 page) pdf link.

In particular page two where Wodger sends Deputy dog an email at 7:04 am:

Quote:…In Greg’s absence l am referring to you the amended CAR 5.38 notice for Domlnlc James for consideration and approval.

The amendment is to ensure the objectives of the flight test requirements specified in. the original notice can be achieved
using simpler aircraft types requested by James due to his financial situation. The attached correspondence provides
deta iled explanation for the amendment.

The draft notice was prepared by Adam and reviewed by Bankstown FOis and myself. I recommend signing the notice.
Once signed please return a scanned copy and I will arrange for TRIM and emall dispatch to James. Note that James has
· booked flight tests for Monday 17 January.

Kind regards,

Roger Chambers

Then refer to page 11 which is part way through an email chain that starts at page 14 with an email from the Doc to Hoody.

From page 11:

Quote:From: Hood, Greg
Sent: Friday, 15 April 201115:54
Subject: Fw: Dominic James (SEC=IN-CONFIDENCE:LEGAL]

DAS is obviously interested in this issue

From: McCormick, John
Sent: Fri Apr 15 15:33:38 2011

Subject: RE: Dominic James [SEC=IN-CONFIDENCE:LEGAL]

lt would have to be ‘ … by CASA or a person specifically approved by CASA for the purpose of conducting any
renewal … ‘ otherwise any ATO could do the check.

Hmm…I thought all ATOs were regarded as delegates of CASA?? Oh I get it…FFS! Angry

MTF…you betta believe it…P2 Tongue