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A long walk was essential this morning, much needed to clear the mind and calm the anger. Problem is that the more I think on it, the angrier I seem to get as the reasons for that  anger multiply with logical thought. No matter which way I look at the sickening machinations of Daren 6D, I arrive at the same conclusion. We are watching Australia’s greatest aviation disaster unfold. I have not as yet been able to get a release to tell the AOPA v RAA Aus story; but the flat refusal of 6D to allow AOPA to even exist, let alone take part in any discussion is despicable; but, when an outfit like AMROBA can’t get a look in it’s time to speak up. What sort of a minister is it that refuses to deal with industry representatives on purely personal grounds; some have offended his delicate sensibilities and shown him up to be the muff he is; so he not only slams the door closed but actively seeks to have ‘em excluded. Only the tame, select few may enter the 6D sheltered workshop, provided they say what he wants hear. That is not only undemocratic, it is deceitful and cowardly. Enough, let us hope he is removed before the endless delays kill off hope of reform, obfuscations deny progress and the never arriving reports preclude the need for them as the industry is moribund.

The almost unbelievable mess our airports and infrastructure are in is also within the 6D remit. Did you all note the powerful leadership kick in as 6D tackles the problems and eradicates the dangers; sending the developers scuttling. No. Well, you didn’t miss it – it never happened.

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Judge Chamberlain Haller: Mr. Gambini, the next words out of your mouth better be “guilty” or “not guilty.” I don’t want to hear commentary, argument, or opinion. I don’t want to hear any facts or evidence. If I hear anything other than “guilty” or “not guilty”, you’ll be in contempt. I don’t even want to hear you clear your throat to speak. Now, how do your clients plead?

Hitch has promoted some serious pea green envy in his Australian Flying piece, this week. Seems that in the USA, when there is a call for regulatory reform, they actually get on with it, instead of sitting about for thirty years trying to avoid doing anything about it. The reform of FAR 23 is a positive step forward, taken by the FAA in response to industry and political request. Just like that, the thing is done. 30 months not 30 ducking years; good reform and simplification; not bad more restrictive reform and over complication. Yup, colour me pea green. Well done FAA.

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I want to know why we are paying the ATSB top management and investigators their ridiculous salaries. If you start at #208 and read through to the last, perhaps you too will be wondering WTD use is the ATSB. The company’s can sort it out, correctly, in double quick time. Now if the ATSB published those reforms there may be a case to sustain their existence. But they don’t so the world is denied access to a safety case and the rectification made; which is great for the company – but should that ‘fix’ not be shared. If the ATSB cannot provide a ‘fix’ or; cannot pass the information along to others who may benefit from the knowledge; then we may save some millions every year by disbanding the ATSB and asking the companies to publish their investigation and rectification of a safety matter. That would be of some value, but the mindless twaddle ATSB publish is completely and utterly useless.

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“…government was founded on the working premise of being primarily an asylum for ineptitude and indigence.”

―from REQUIEM FOR A NUN by William Faulkner

Not too much from our fearless, frank, robust, honest ‘authority’ this week. Gone to ground as per whispered instructions. Carmody a.k.a ‘Hush-power’ has removed them from the spotlight glare; the internal ructions and leaks continue, but it’s all kept very low key, so as not make a bigger fool of the minister than he already is. All well and good enough for public consumption, but between the Senate committee and industry the communication channels work just fine and no one is really fooled. CASA could not find a cat, in a cat house, with a candle, let alone reform itself.

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Chair: This organisation, CASA, and the boss have the audacity to send out an internal memo which says, ‘Do not be dismayed by our vocal but largely uninformed minority of critics.’…

…The email continues: ‘They are symptomatic of other ills in society. I prefer “facts” when engaged in discussions’—I presume when you have discussions you deal with facts—’not hearsay and tautological rubbish.’ This is out there on the edge of the ice-skating rink, in my view. I think that sort of an internal memo could be quite intimidatory of witnesses and people with whom they are dealing, including you. If that is the mindset of the boss, I think that is what I would call bullying in the gathering of evidence.

(Reference: Sen Bill Heffernan, Hansard – 21 November Senate AAI Inquiry)

Leopards don’t change their spots – not in my jungle at least; and sooner or later, the Pel-Air report will be released. That, boys and girls, I can assure you, will be fun.

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There’s letters seal’d, and my two schoolfellows,
Whom I will trust as I will adders fang’d—
They bear the mandate, they must sweep my way
And marshal me to knavery. Let it work;
For ’tis the sport to have the enginer
Hoist with his own petard, an’t shall go hard
But I will delve one yard below their mines
And blow them at the moon.

― William ShakespeareHamlet

No matter; blowing off the excess steam helps a bit; changes nothing and the dogs are soaked through. I shall spend a half hour with a towel and blow drier (if I can ‘borrow’ it from the hall of domestic tyranny). Always great fun, then we can settle down and do something worthwhile, far removed from the cess pool of politics, lunacy and ineptitude.

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P2 – This picture always makes me smile – Big Grin

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