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or: Willyleaks email 1313.

Subject: STFU.
From: Grown up search boss.
To: TB #1.Shut down that Blog and STFU you embarrassing, moronic specimen.L&K Lord A.

Subject: STFU.
From: TB#1.
To: Lord A.

Yes Sir: Click – Comments closed.
– – – – – – – – – — – – -……
Dear Mr Truss.

Please Sir, I can’t laugh any more; please don’t make me, my sides ache. One of your minions has been running private blog through a government web site, open to public comment. See – HERE -. It must be banned as there is simply too much hilarity being generated, people are dizzy from spin and sick from laughing. It all began as a smart idea to show the riff-raff, IOS and the MaM how to be a tendentious blogger and slap down any outrageous comment or theory which did not fit the beyond all reason methodology. Indeed, all was well until some qualified, expert comments started to pop up, following a major event. Had TB#1 been qualified, in any way to respond to expert questioning then, things may have been different; but, as it stands, your boy has had his pants pulled down and his bottom royally and publicly slapped by people who have a rough idea of what they speak. Delay, spin and deception don’t cut much mustard with qualified experts and TB spent a lot of time running back to the grown ups for advice before eventually, part answering the question. You know the style as well as we do; hell you’ve seen it done many times before in estimates, inquiry and the like.

Perhaps the final ignominy was being forced to close down the comments section when the game got too rough. It’s not easy being a tendentious blogger, one needs to have a vague idea of what one is discussing, be able to field the questions in real time, head off conspiracy theories forming in the information vacuum and defending your rear against the slings and arrows which may be attracted thereto (or is it netherto?)

Now this fellah – HERE – is a tendentious blogger and he is bloody good at it. The opinion article is properly presented, balanced and reasoned. Perhaps your boy TB#1 could learn to do it properly if he studied; for he has NFI about water searches or ‘Black box’ recovery from watery graves, in fact, many of us doubt he can even swim (aquphobic, some say). There is even a vicious, unsubstantiated rumour that he has trouble tying his boot laces; but we’ll take that question on notice.

We understand you may be finding it difficult to fire him; so failing that, please, for the sake of my aching, ancient sides shut him down; )or up(as pleases best. I don’t care just so long as it stops soon.

VB Regards the IOS chapter for Disavowing Absolute Flaming Tendentions. (DAFT).

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