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I read with some sadness the report of a ‘jolly good time’ being had by all at Mildura.  It particularly saddens me to read of someone, abused by the old order, rolling over to have a tummy scratch from a smooth talking specimen of Snake oil salesman. Had the sainted DAS apologised, rectified or dare we say recompensed the aggrieved for the shabby treatment received; then I may have been convinced that it was worth turning out and supporting the new regime.  BUT:-

One, Campbell was there, now that, stand alone, speaks volumes.  Two, no offer of apology or recompense has been made to them as suffered ‘Draconian’ treatment.  Three, no promise of fair, equitable future treatment to anyone has been made.  Four, the man running the 35 strong crowd seems well pleased with a gab-fest; chuffed to bits with his own rhetoric, high fives with Gerrard, rather being thoroughly ashamed at the total lack of progress and wasting of time.

Skidmore is treading water and filling in the waiting time with pointless window dressing, while awaiting instructions from the Board, an ICC (to delay and hide valid complaints) and a deputy with some ducking idea of what must be done.  The board is sitting still, waiting on instruction and direction from Truss’ who; in turn, is waiting for approval from the PMC to act.  This will not be forthcoming, not anytime soon.  The simple mathematics of re-election will prevent any meaningful reform occurring for a while yet.  Abbott needs to get his boot off the bloody brakes.

The tragic truth will, eventually, dawn on the blind believers – conned again.  Just because it’s printed in some local rag, don’t make reform reality.  Talk is cheap; but money buys new equipment and the right to use it.  Next time around, ask Oliver-Skidsmore-Twist why a South Australian approved check list cannot be approved by NSW; or, any one of a dozen similar, operationally important questions.  You will get the same soothing platitudes, while the cost of compliance strips away your profit and time goes by.