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Just when you think you’ve seen it all.

I believe we can dismiss any notion that Skidmore actually wrote this insulting, demeaning little missive.  For starters he’s not bright enough.  No, this has the touch of a malign, evil, twisted intelligence, protected and deeply embedded in the fabric of governance.   A student of past twisted tales from Sleepy Hollow can spot the well known pug marks of two predatory beasts.  There is another familiar odour permeating the mix, not quite so well known, but to the trained nose, unmistakable.

To release this condescending piece of crap the day parliament rises is a calculated ploy.

The words are not only a calculated insult but deliberately lead the reader away from the real issues; reform as promised by Truss demanded by industry has had its throat cut, the body disposed of quietly.  Read it and weep.

Quote:…..Of course, anyone who wishes to put forward an alternative approach to the application and administration of the regulations will have to be able to convincingly demonstrate they can achieve the same safety outcome intended by the regulations.

The breath taking condescension, the sheer arrogance of it.  Last time I looked, it was the regulator’s job to provide this service to industry.  It is what they are paid to do, and they have precious little else to do or distract them from doing it.  These buggers have burned an incredible amount of money for over the past two a half decades, completely stuffed it and now they expect ‘industry’ to tell them how to do it and perhaps, maybe, the suggestion will be accepted.  BOLLOCKS.

Quote:….The alternative approach they propose must not be inconsistent with an express regulatory requirement.

Here CASA implies superior knowledge – “you think this is easy do you; well try it” they challenge.  Meanwhile,  Oliver Skidmore-Twist asks for more; “I haven’t got a clue, perhaps you chaps could sort out my knitting – I seem to be in a tangle” he whines.    BOLLOCKS.

Quote:….They will also have to show how they will fully and effectively implement the alternative approach to compliance in a timely fashion.

Unlike the CASA approach – 25 + years and counting but ‘industry’ must be able to do this a timely manner.  Not only have ‘we’ thrown a fortune at regulatory reform, but now must find the time and fix the mess – ‘in a timely manner’, while Skidmore sits on a half million salary and decides, in his own sweet time if the industry notions are acceptable.  Oh, bugger off you idiot.

Quote:…Alternative approaches must not require unreasonable additional oversight or administration by CASA and no other persons should be adversely or unfairly affected.

I have no idea what the writer is drinking but I want to try a pint.  The whole purpose of the CASA ethos is to be able to frame up a case which can be used administratively to achieve a specific outcome, without the inconvenience of evidence or facts proven in court.  Hypocrisy, at this level, published and polished defines CASA much more accurately than I ever could

Quote:…The directive I issued concludes by saying: “CASA will entertain a reasonable proposal for the adoption of another approach and, in the absence of good reason not to do so, CASA will adopt such an alternative approach.”

Oh ain’t that nice, CASA condescends to entertain our ‘suggestions’.  Just they way they entertained the Pel-Air Senate inquiry ‘suggestions’ and the Forsyth ‘views’.

You will find no hint of humility, apology or reformation in this disgraceful statement, published as a Piss-off o’gram.  A calculated insult to the Senators, the Rev Forsyth and the industry, happily signed off by an ignorant, arrogant puppet.  My Grand Mamma has more idea than this clown and better manners to boot.

Please Minister – fire this weak kneed, drooling half wit, before we end up in a dark place from which there is no exit.   I thought I’d just about seen it all from CASA, working with PAIN for the last while has been an education, some of the events and episodes which have been clinically and dispassionately evaluated are sinister, serious and often – by legal opinion, deemed illegal.  But this missive takes the biscuit.

Do not waste time trying to unscramble the CASA total failure in regulatory reform.  The Board and Minister need to be left in no doubt, whatsoever, of your feelings.  Demand the reforms promised and the resignation of this man who signed one of the most disgraceful, deceitful insults this industry has ever had to endure.  You, industry, have allowed CASA to get away with their antics for far too long, on too many occasions.

Stop this now, before it really is too late.

Steam to follow, lots of.