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Bugger – lost it; again.

Hitch – “Even in his twilight weeks as Director of Aviation Safety, Mark Skidmore has stayed on message, reiterating his belief that industry reform is possible only through genuine co-operation between CASA and the aviation community. As he says in his final CASA Briefing Newsletter, there is a lot of expertise in the aviation community and CASA is not the oracle in all things safety regardless of their name.”

FDS – Not Hitch’s fault – he just gets to repeat this twaddle. But I am sick, to the vomiting stage, of hearing this puling, pitiful, gutless, useless, arrogant statement. It is BOLLOCKS in it’s purest form; worse yet, it is CASA generated, self excusing BOLLOCKS.
Oi – thick head – CASA ducked it up; not industry.  CASA get paid to sort it out; not industry.  CASA have time, money and government support to fix the mess; not industry. We work for a living and yet you expect the same industry to step in, cooperate and assist the very same inutile, purblind clots who created the expense and suffering inflicted; then toddle off and allow ‘CASA’ the credit.  Duck off idiot.  Hells bells, I have listened to some really stuffed up logic over the years; but this touchy-feely bullshit beats the band

If they (CASA) are going to continue not only supporting the halfwits they employ; but backing them through expensive legal cases where deliberate lies are manipulated into ‘fact’; where a simple error in a log book or training record can be turned into ‘fraud’; when a ‘heavy’ aircraft can be artificially brought to an overweight; where a business, reputation or career can be utterly destroyed on unsupported ‘hearsay evidence’, where on a self deluded whim the ‘practices’ demanded by some moron FOI are clearly dangerous; where an extreme interpretation of part of a rule can be used to achieve a pre-determined outcome; then it is time to examine just who CASA actually is.  CASA does not need industry help – indeed, they have for many years denigrated industry efforts, all sacrificed at the altars of inflated ego and self promotion and delusions of expertise.

There is a pile – sitting at the corner of my desk – just over 300 mm (one foot) high which, in one page summaries, clearly define the lunacy of some CASA edicts; the words from the individuals affected.  There are 84 ‘Arch files’ on one bookshelf, to do with ‘cases’ CASA have manipulated, to enforce ‘their’ version of ‘safety’ on operators; I have a large portable hard drive, almost full, containing the real anecdotal ‘complaints’ against; the almost daily acts of embuggerance; and gross stupidity doled out and enforced by CASA ‘experts’.

Few are honest, let alone ‘expert’ and yet we pay them ‘expert’ wages.  Few are of any value whatsoever and yet Skidmore departs the fix beseeching industry to assist repair the damage this collection of horse’s arses have inflicted on the ‘relationship’, the damage to the spirit and intent of the law and the destruction of sound operational procedure.  Here – you’re supposed to be a hot shot ‘test pilot’; try this – stall a Metro with the SAS disabled; if you survive, try and teach a junior to do the same and survive.  No? not game? Well one of your experts insisted on it; then said the FAA handbook procedure for Vmca approach demonstration was foolishly dangerous. Not true? Don’t bet the house on it, not on one of your defended ‘experts’.

BOLLOCKS; just take the money and bugger off Skidmore; take your infantile, fluffy, pathetic, apologist attitude away and join a knitting circle.  Then you too can knit bollock warmers for the poor little helpless, hapless idiots you defend out there in the cold world.

Oh yes; yes, indeed the CASA troops are expert.  Skilled at making a pigs ear of anything they attempt.  Take the bloody ear muffs off, leave the rose tinted glasses behind, get off your arse and listen to what the real experts and victims will say to another industry person. That which they would not dream of saying to the new shiny DAS, come to visit. Although as a deaf fraud, a blind seer and a dumb player, I expect even then you will continue to live in cloud cuckoo land.

Aye, I’ll cooperate – 50 yards head start before I turns the dogs loose; and, that’s 30 more than rightfully deserved.

No more apologist twaddle; no more poor CASA; enough with the ‘help us’ plea.  CASA is a basket case, now 20 months behind in being cured; all down to one muff with a dodgy moustache a bleeding heart and a bleating habit.  Rightfully known by the well deserved title Oliver-Skidmore-Twist; the lost, helpless, hapless little boy who wanted more. Well the real one got a hiding for asking for ‘more’, there is a moral there; somewhere.

Toot-toot; your ferry awaits; first stop, Perdition, then it gets interesting.