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Most  PAIN associates are quiet, law abiding, normal folks with family and ‘other’ interests.  Below, is an email response from one of those folk.

This is a transport issue.  Chester MP is ‘the man’ and we should be looking to him, as the receiver of public monies to be ‘sorting’ out all transport issues.  In an election quarter year; we should be seeing the very best from our elected, highly paid, publicly supported parliamentarians.   Well Darren, you got the dough; where is the crystal clear response making this latest transport stupidity go away.   We are waiting, with bated breath your considered response; perhaps have a word withe Glen Sterle (legend) – he may have some ideas.

Quote:I spend too much time thinking but here’s what I have running around in my head tonight:

* Restrictive Trade Practices – is the Govt legally allowed to set a minimum price on one sector of the industry to the detriment of free trade?  Where do they get off ruining perfectly legal businesses, ruining lives and putting people in a situation where they are unable to afford to put food on the table, pay the bank and then potentially lose everything.  Dare I mention “Class Action” against the Govt if they proceed with this?

* We live in Australia, not Communist China.  If the Govt gets away with this, what is the next area for them to hit?  Do they already have a system like this implemented in the GA industry where they set minimum rates of pay and charges per km of flight?  I dare say it would be quite simple to lump this on the GA industry if it works on the ground.

* I am looking forward to seeing 35,000 trucks blockading Canberra if they don’t fix this in the meeting tomorrow.

And here you will find all the submissions from all those who have made their opinion known to the Govt:

Funnily enough, I emailed Ray Hadley about this on 18 March, the day before Grace Collier wrote her article.  My brother owns (a transport company) which was designed and implemented to help truck drivers make the most of the back-load potential of their jobs.

This RSRT pretty much wipes out his business as well as that of the drivers who are members of his system as the Govt is now dictating what the truck drivers HAVE to charge. It’s all so very wrong.

Have you seen the Facebook blurb from Jerry Sarre-Brown (the chief instigator of this mess)?  Can forward if you are interested.

To the best of my understanding, this RSRT was designed to stop the likes of Coles & Woolies ripping off owner drivers and make those big businesses pay fair rates for transport. We all know that Coles & Woolies rip off everyone in their supply chain but I think somebody missed the mark and stuffed up the wording and it all went pear-shaped.

PS – And here’s the link to what happened over the Easter weekend.  I am advised that those owner drivers who were game enough to show their faces either withdrew or got grilled.

Normal, everyday folk mate; people who vote and know other people who vote. So Darren – wotcha gunna do?  Talk to the MM – seek (let ’em install pink bats) advice – or just have a chat with a good mate then Tweet the rest of your day away?  Do tell, we are waiting for the brilliance to merit the salary and action to match the rhetoric.

Side bet; anyone ? – Albo will be all over this and smack wee Darren’s plump bottom with it.