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One has to wonder how much longer Australian politicians are going to remain in a state of aeronautical denial; surely, by now, even the dimmest of wits must have realised that there are serious problems. Personally, I have trouble believing that ICAO does not see the manifestations. There have now been two fatal accidents within a very short space of time; there is a long queue of serious ‘incidents’, all potentially fatal, for which no conclusive final reports have been published. There is a pile of official ‘reports’ on the end of my desk which, quite frankly, are only of any value to me as scrap paper.

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I would, very much, like to understand how the results of an extensive Senate inquiry into the ditching of a patient transfer flight can be effectively swept under the carpet. The causal chain leading to that event, standing alone, reflects the seriousness of the Australian situation. The revelations of the Senate inquiry with regard to the issuing and monitoring of the operational approvals beggar belief. The evidence produced during that inquiry related to the ‘management’ of the incident report, by both the ATSB and the CASA was stunning. The response to the Senate inquiry from the ‘safety agencies’ is, to this day, almost unbelievable.

One could, with some certainty, say that the official response has proven that disbelief. The final nail in the ‘investigation’ coffin is that the very agencies at the heart of the ‘scandal’ have been left to investigate their own actions. The latest fatal accident, once again, brings focus back to all ‘safety agencies’ and government; involving every element, from dubious land deals to simulator fidelity, all leading up to yet another flawed, inutile report and flat denial. A classic tale for those who have an interest in the aftermath of an accident; once the flowers have wilted and the legal eagles step up to the plate.

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TY to Rod S for tweeting me the above DAS Job advertisement – [Image: wink.gif]

Lost in the traffic this week the search for a new CEO for the CASA organisation has officially begun; mind you, after the last four disastrous specimens, the latest search to find a ‘suitable’ candidate has very little to offer in the way of hope. Yet the lessons are crystal clear; four perfect examples of what is not needed, should, provide the clues to what is. Aye; but then CASA will be far to busy covering their end of the latest fatal and digging escape tunnels. Watch and see, where the trowel lays it the thickest, that’s where the answers to what they fear being exposed will lay.

Aunty Pru Poll Q/ Would you trust the Muppet in the electric blue suit?  Dodgy

I note our village idiot has taken to writing his own ‘press’; is there nothing this man can’t do? I don’t believe he actually got the messages from the estimates committee; not really. It’s not as though the Senators were overly subtle about it – “friendless” – “world of hurt” – etc.  Audit, inquiry, expose, massive job cuts, buggered up system, the ‘one-sky big pie’ under serious scrutiny, ADSB not fully operational, no ATCO trained to really use it; more delays. There is a rather a long list of matters which could occupy our match fit Halfwit’s time; but I am certain that writing vomitus dribble for ‘the media’ is not on that list. What a star.

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Well, its Senate Estimates again, Feb 27. The aviation related sessions, for our American friends are a ‘must see’. Any relative, friend or advocate of the four US citizens who died a terrible death this week need to understand exactly what and who they are dealing with; estimates provide an instant ‘snapshot’. Aunt Pru will faithfully, as always, provide the parts of interest. There is much to consider, particularly if any form of litigation is being considered.

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I’m going to leave it here: to be honest, this latest, second fatal crash has me oscillating between fury and despair. There is much to consider and much more information required, if we are to get to the roots of this accident and help prevent another tragedy being swept neatly under carpet.

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The condolences to the families concerned will be of little comfort; but they are most sincerely offered by the AP crew.

Toot toot.