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The quote below was cribbed from the unspeakable web site:

Frank Arouet – “Also, reading between creampuff lines points me to certain lawyer with past history with ‘firies’ and credit cards. Townsville refueller’s mates daughters uncle, reports someone has some sworn written dynamite to chuck around with this one too.”

A while back now, the Senate estimates committee began a series of questions regarding credit card ‘misuse’, PAIN was curious as to why.  Any agency providing a credit card which allows access to ‘public money’ must have a strict oversight and auditing system, supported by draconian penalties for those with light fingers caught tickling the till.

Asking questions in the right places, PAIN began picking up hints and anecdotes that liberal use of agency credit cards was de rigueur, particularly among the ‘swinger’ set.  I doubt one instance would raise very many eyebrows; things like that happen in everyday life: boy meets girl.   Me’n U and the Wine Lust.   A room, an excuse and the money to pay for it all must be found to avoid discovery by inconvenient ‘significant’ others.  But it seems that the practice is in epidemic proportion.  Half the ‘public service’ is rumoured to be ‘at it’.  The highly profitable, monopoly Air Services ‘quango’ has been in the spotlight recently.   The highly embarrassing amounts of money, scalped by the airlines from the passengers they carry to support this edifice seems to be treated as a slush fund for supporting various, nefarious extra curricular sports and romps through various wine lists.   The juicy gossip about visiting firemen and venal lawyers having frolics out of town is always in the wind; but once the lid comes off, well, the sky is the limit ain’t it, in the OMG and expensive cover up stakes; which somehow, never seem to be kept as quiet as they aught to be.   CLANG.

I’ve no problem with a little afternoon delight, in fact, there should be more of it; as an aid to world peace – however.  Take a hypothetic situation, lets say you have a serious complaint against a local council – dustbins left laying about in the road – now you lodge a complaint, provide evidence of multiple transgressions, carefully fill out the forms and lodge your complaint in the proper manner.  Some weeks later your reply arrives; words to the effect that the rubbish collection agency is, in fact a private operation, on contract to council and you must take a private action against the contractor.  This is ridiculous, you say and being miffed, decide to dig about and see what’s what.   Surprise, surprise; the wife of the man responsible for awarding the garbage collection contract owns a 60% share of the contracting company.  Shock: the woman running the council complaint department is dallying with the contract man and they use both his and hers council credit cards to pay for the trimmings- lunch, wine, room.  Horror: both are paid from your council rates.

Couldn’t happen here in OZ; Nah.  The CASA crew have developed the hilarious ‘in wallet’ but the scanner must have read it defence; Air services have developed the ‘training course’ and personal hardship defence; but the poor man ATSB are under the eagle of Be-a-cur and don’t get out much anymore, so the risks are minimal.  Ayup, no monkey business with gummint money down under,  No Siree-bub.

But do try to spare a thought for the unfortunate ‘significant others’.  Are Credit cards truly the ‘root’ of all evil?



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