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 The best laid plans of mice and men. via Aunty Pru Forum.

There I was, muddling and bumbling my way through another week, I’d even found some snippets which made me smile for the SBG. Grr8 thought I, a light hearted, quick post on Sunday; off the hook and the day’s my own – alas.

I believe ‘we’ are all aware that the aviation safety agencies are in a hell of a state; that condition being exacerbated by probably most useless minister for transport ever inflicted on a long suffering industry. It seemed reasonable to me that a little fun was in order, break the monotony and tedium of trying to ‘get it sorted’. All was going along well until P2 called – the dreaded words “You seen this”? Well, I had, ages ago when we did our own digging on the Pel-Air scandal; “Yup” says I (dodging the bullet) with enough venom to end the conversation. “Ah: yeah, but what about this” – he posed a question, the curiosity bump kicked in; and, just like that, there I was, back in the toils of deep research; week end shot to blazes.

So, we did the work. Then we tore it all down and tried to arrive at a different conclusion, from another perspective; then we did it all again. Every time, from every direction we could imagine, it was impossible to shake the foundations. Remember, we don’t go at this stuff with the intention of finding a line and building a case in fresh air; quite the reverse. We do try to ‘justify’ through the law, the Act, departmental policy and the constraints imposed on our ‘safety agencies’ the actions taken. It is the only way to reach a fair and reasoned conclusion; in fact we have been able to exonerate ATSB and CASA from some pretty nasty accusations ; believe it or not, we do try to play fair; if not always nice.

P2 – “From that extraordinary public hearing of revelations, obfuscating admissions, spin, bull-dust and denials, it would now appear that some of those involved individuals must have been telling the committee porky pies. This is because the existence of the Chambers Report was known at least 12 days before the first public hearing and is listed as a tabled document from CASA (i.e. 01 CASA_Doc 3_Web – PDF)”.

We sent our conclusions to the BRB, IOS and PAIN. There was not one dissenting response. In short, the Pel-Air Senate Inquiry; not the accident, but the evidence presented to the Senate Inquiry must be forensically examined, by the AFP. It is our considered opinion that an enormous blanket has been pulled over the eyes of the Senate in Parliament, the industry and the Australian public. There is also untested, but persuasive ‘research’ to support the notion that ICAO has been ‘hoodwinked’ particularly in relation to Australia’s much touted ‘safety record’.

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“Everyone admits how praiseworthy it is in a prince to keep his word, and to behave with integrity rather than cunning. Nevertheless our experience has been that those princes who have done great things have considered keeping their word of little account, and have known how to beguile men’s minds by shrewdness and cunning. In the end these princes have overcome those who have relied on keeping their word.”

So, it’s not just my Sunday buggered. Full team, all stops out, report to the RRAT required. You’re probably wondering what the fool is rambling on about; the answer lays within the following AP posts, start here:-

Dots and Dashes

Times up for Pel-Air.

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If you have a mind to, spend a half hour, do some digging and see where you finish up. I’ll even give you a hint – check the dates against the rhetoric; follow the time line breadcrumbs and pay particular attention to who was left standing. The Chambers report is of particular interest. You may, with some certainty, forget about the PA MkII report shedding any light on the Senate inquiry; that is the safest bet on my tote board; well, that and the fact that the accident re-investigation has SDA to do with the Senate findings. Those have all been very neatly despatched to history, classed as ‘opinion’ and not legally binding.

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The stable door is closed, I can see it from my desk, bathed in the early sunshine, quietly waiting to be opened, racks of timber idle, the smell of sawdust and shavings to greet you, a keg of fine ale in the fridge not far from the fire place. Aye, ‘tis incentive enough to finish this ugly work as soon as possible; but, AP has priority and needs must, when the devil drives.

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