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NB. notes only: – The never ending saga of Dominic James.

“Why never ending?” howls the mob – “the ‘new’ Pel-Air report is due shortly, then we shall have all the answers”.

“No” say’s I. “No you bloody well won’t; the ‘report’ is compromised to the shithouse and back, rendered nugatory by stupidity, arrogance, deceit, bastardy, ignorance (and probably malice, just as an aforethought) -”. “Explain” they howl in unison. So, with your indulgence and just a little waffle, by way of explanatory notes, I shall attempt, to the best of my poor abilities, to do just that. ‘Tis a simple enough example I use in explanation. I refer you, in primus, to parts 26 and 27 of the Transport Safety Investigation Act (TSI). It is a clear enough document, little there in the way of ‘wriggle room’ – for the average punter. Take a short stroll through the legislation; then, consider this line, the opening remarks of an internal CASA email.

Correspondent: 1) We need to be careful with what is discussed with Domenic as the draft final report into the Westwind accident is protected under 532 of the TSA.

Well, it ain’t protected under ’32 (try 26/ 27) and, the respondent is clearly ‘out of the loop’. The respondent, by the way, just happens to be the manager of the Sydney Basin Chapter of the Sleepy Hollow glee club. No matter –  Perhaps, just perhaps, under the guidance of an ex CASA ‘luminary’ a ‘draft copy’ of the Pel-Air report (VII) could have found it’s way into the CASA CEO hands. You could even, at stretch,  imagine a non combatant ‘manager’ of the branch concerned being offered a peep of the ‘final’ draft.  But when an office wallah, deeply involved, party to and willing accomplice in the Chambers/ McCormack ‘embuggerance job’ on James; starts dishing out advice, to the boss, relating directly to the report – WTD?– Well it’s time to call a halt – ain’t it minister. The mud gets much deeper from here; and, your ex advisor, returned to the bosom of Sleepy Hollow ain’t going to be doing you any favours now, is he…..Ah, the tales of Cheezel Hollow; maybe I’ll tell ‘em all, one day: Barmy will love ‘em.

To business. Standing alone, the sentence above, more than perhaps any other single statement made by CASA clearly defines the need to defend the indefensible, to wit: the CASA and ATSB predetermined collusion to continue with the risible notion that James and only James was solely, completely and utterly to blame for the incident. ATSB, under Hood, have taken yet another incredible risk. Now we must ask why?. Suspicion falls directly on Hood – by his not signing pertinent, relevant documents, the load is then thrown onto CASA ‘legal’ – but only when the wheel comes off. But how, I ask, is ‘legal’ expected to know what’s going on, when no one tells ‘em. Anastasi ain’t psychic. He is however as honest as he is forced to be. Detailed, independent analysis of the procedures used to hammer James would show several things; deliberate manipulation of system and policy for a start; all information, by the by, is supplied courtesy of the ignored, by-passed ‘legal’ department and system.

The sentence above, addressed to a higher pay-grade officer raises three questions:- (i) Why is someone so low on the food chain, not a DIP and bound by the TSIA privy to the draft report? (ii) Why is there a need to be ‘careful’?; (iii) Why is the manager receiving the advice on a ‘confidential’ matter, from a clerk, ‘instead’ of offering it?

I say (IMO). The time and date line is suggestive. The incorrect reference to the Transport Safety Investigation Act (TSA) part 5.32 could be construed as being deliberately misleading, which leans, naturally, toward suspicion that there is a second, more sinister agenda being ‘managed’. The officer writing was deeply (top lip damp) involved with the Airtex, Skymaster and the Pel-Air events. Detailed analysis of these events reveals (in technicolor) many serious questions which remain, to date, unanswered. We believe that honest answers to these questions would reveal ‘flaws’ in the actions and methodology of the CASA Sydney Basin office while under the control of Manager Chambers.

Now then, A. Anastasi Esq. when confronted by a clear breech has only one option – spill the paper work. When matters are dealt with ‘properly’ the legal department can cover the bases, the arses and the planned stitch up. But with no options; or, evidence of prior knowledge, what is a lawyer to do? I might add here, that there is a growing respect for AA within the network for providing ‘helpful’ advice, information and (occasionally, when warranted) assistance to those seeking information.  (Aside) – It seems, demonstrably so, that where and when he can, or is obliged to, the man is unstinting, straightforward and; remarkably, pleasant to deal with. But, I digress.

Lets take a ‘wee keek’ at the second and third sentence in this priceless missive:-

Correspondent: 2) For Domenic to be asking ‘how his judgement in flight from on November 18, 2009 is still under question’ shows he still doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation and his part in it.

This sentence serves to illustrate the CASA determination to deny any evidence that many ‘proficiency’ and ‘judgement’ checks have been satisfactorily passed during the interim period. The statement indicates, clearly, that only by satisfying the subjective ‘judgement’ of the Sydney Office can ‘evidence’ of competency be demonstrated, provided James can pass an artificially generated, non-standard ‘check-ride’, with a CASA ‘selected’ examiner. This is not the first time that this imaginative, McCormack aberration, Chambers executed twisted bastardy has been allowed credence. It is ‘beat-able’, but, it takes balls, guile and a knowledge of ‘system’; James was bereft of this knowledge.

Correspondent: 3) The draft final report makes it clearer that Domenic lacked good decision making skills at that time and since then CASA has been given no evidence that that has changed.

Two of the associates have, at the request of various DIP, read and digested the ‘second’ report. Both have recused themselves from being involved in any and all BRB, IOS or PAIN discussions; I have however had the pleasure of ‘editing’ their notes and formatting considered opinion, based on the evidence provided – within the report – for future use. There will, make no mistake, be much more to follow on this matter. But I may say, without fear, that the highly subjective, opinionated, cleverly, expertly subtly biased; and, very open to legal challenge statement above will, in due course prove to be significant – if unfortunate, (to quote Chambers). The words petard and hoisted come to mind, but; alas, I am constrained, within a gentleman’s agreement, as matter of trust to say nothing until the Senate RRAT committee has been granted the same opportunity as the correspondent. Then; well, the game is afoot.

Correspondent: 4) I do not want to keep Domenic from returning to a command role but believe the only way we could be satisfied is to continue with the assessment as planned in the F20 simulator.

When you consider, with eyes wide open, that it was the ‘Bankstown’ manager and his team only which drove the condemnation of James, in a desperate attempt to keep Pel-Air operational; the sentence above could, IMO, quite reasonably, be construed as gross hypocrisy, flavoured with bastardy, dusted with embuggerance. The one and only obstacle to James returning to normal duties is the writer of this letter. If there are to be questions raised on ‘judgement’ then we must question the motive for the unrelenting demands for a ‘chop’ ride. In short; a check ride which cannot be passed. James has met, through demonstrated competency the CASA artificially generated, highly subjective ‘requirements’. For the uninitiated, there is not a pilot in the world, not a single solitary one who can get through a ‘flight check’ with a ‘ground’ element without making at least one mistake – although subjective and arguable – that one mistake children, is more than enough, in the Chambers/ Bankstown lexicon, to bring down the boom. Ask Ms. Whatshername – mistress of darkness, she know ‘how-to’. James would be a purblind fool to even contemplate attempting to pass a check ride, with CASA, without an independent, qualified expert observing. But CAR 249 prohibits such things. Even if it did not CASA would not allow a video or even notes of a CASA supervised ‘check-ride’ to hell and beyond.

I say this – in my considered opinion, based on the facts as presented; there is no option for the Senate committee other than to call for a full, legally actionable inquiry into the actions of the Sydney Basin branch of CASA during the Airtex, Pel-Air and Skymaster investigations, audit and results, then compare the differences. Furthermore; I defy the government to openly, honestly and with clarity to examine the edicts and dictates of John McCormack; CEO CASA during this period, as executed by Rodger Chambers, performed, with some relish, by the Sleepy Hollow crew. Standing ovation, thanks of Parliament, joy to the minister?   Highly unlikely methinks. Aye well……

But I do wonder, how the real life actions of those who are entrusted with the safety of aviation in Australia would stack up, when treated in the same manner, under the same rules of ‘strict liability’ and ‘criminal code’ as the industry they purport to ‘regulate’ is subject to.

In short – it’s a crock. A gross, overt, definable, visible, prosecutable manipulation of policy, procedure and law which achieves no specific aim, fails to further air safety and miserably, possibly even illegally, allows a thing like Sleepy Hollow to flourish, prosper, grow fat, completely bamboozle ministers of the crown – on pony-pooh, rhetoric, the mystique of air safety, to blatantly cost this country a small fortune; and, get away with it; year after tedious year, without a shot being fired. Remarkable? Damn straight it is.

But enough – this case is seen as a watershed for our Senators and their brilliant committee. If they fail to pick up sticks and put an end to this blasphemy, this abhorrence, once and for all; then the sign above my gateway to Hell is proven accurate– once again. “Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

Here endeth the BKC chapter 14 (notes only – ). No graffiti please P2; not in the mood. I am in deadly earnest this time; this pony-pooh just has to, must be stopped. There are three similar cases – each much worse than the James imbroglio – all of which must be either dealt with properly or; made public. CEO Carmody may hide his head (and shame) in the sand all he likes. Fair warning minister. I will dump the entire Bankstown Chronicles on Wikileaks – I am, now, officially pissed off. Endit…..