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The art of discreet distance.

I find it amazing that the public image sensibilities of those advertising on the P{p}rune website are so insensitive.  Surely censorship and ‘moderation’ of sensible posts which only ask questions being ‘moderated’ and ‘hits’ being selectively counted, to a fare thee well must raise some advertising eyebrows.  There is a lot of it happening : the post below was ‘moderated’, three times off the MH 370 pages, as have many other similar postings which dared to ask the ‘awkward’ questions.  But as the honest, questioning aviation community turns away from an insecure, censored, manipulated, web site which only allows the ‘sponsored’ opinions of those with vested interest, surely the associated advertisers would be  well advised to reconsider their options.  I know I would..

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Minibar, there was a reply to up-into-the-air, by looks like it was ‘moderated’.

 This is a discussion thread and new information abounds, but not any criticism of the ATSB.

 I do not believe it either, not after the PelAir debacle/ investigation and the Australian Senate report, ( which later involved the Canadian TSB, who were not happy.   A full review( either with the method/ procedures used by the atsb.

 We must demand the best, under the requirements of ICAO Annex 13 in all these thingsand I as an Australian, with interests in aviation have serious doubts [as does the 

Indonesia has put any suggestion of ‘Australian’ assistance at arms length; fearing, some would say rightly, that their pristine, ICAO Annex 13 compliant investigation and reports may be tainted by the slightest hint of report manipulation or managed investigation.  Alan Stray (Australian ATSB refugee) taught them very well.  Clearly the Indonesian authorities intend, need and mean to execute ‘a classic’ accident investigation into the Air_Asia event as a primary example of what a competent, well trained, determinedly independent accident investigation can achieve.

When they have finished, despite the slightly hysterical, uneducated main stream press creating havoc in the natural but essential information vacuums we shall be able to determine from the Indonesian efforts just what caused the tragedy.   At the moment the Indonesians and visiting specialists need time, space and quiet to conduct a difficult, heart rendering task.  But for those who like to speculate there are two words which have not as yet, mentioned.  Try adding Vmo and ice to the mix, just to flavour the discussion.

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