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First this week’s #SBG: CP and PNR. 

A couple of aviation acronyms there, which, with some small use of imagination, may be applied to the current state of ‘oversight’ and management of the aviation environment.

Critical Point (CP) also know known as Point Of Equal Time (PET) is the decision point between two airfields from which it would take the same time to fly to either airfield.

Point of No Return (PNR) The point along the planned flight path beyond which an aircraft will no longer be capable of returning to the take-off airfield or an alternate airfield due to insufficient fuel – (this)  – is calculated before take-off.

P2’s excellent TGIF post – HERE – serves as a snapshot of how quickly Australia is approaching a critical point; beyond which it will not be possible to return. If our destination is genuine ‘Safety’ through operational excellence, rather than the lip service paid and the endless tedium of compliance through ‘work around’ exemption and shelf ware; then decision time is rapidly approaching. The material provided in the TGIF clearly defines the gaping holes in what is laughingly referred to as ‘safety oversight’. The Air Traffic control system is on it’s knees. Accident ‘investigation and safety outcomes’ are risible; and, so far removed from being of any value, let alone timely, as to not be worth the time, money spent investigating, or the effort of reading through. CASA is so far beyond the critical point as to make any return to sanity impossible.

Now we are past the CP – we must consider the time we have left before we reach the ‘point of no return’. The USA has recognised the approaching critical point and are taking steps to ensure that various elements of concern are dealt with, across the board, from political to legal, from operational to financial and preventing the situation from developing into a hole in that famous cheese of Mr. Reason’s clever mind.

On the subject of ‘reason’ one of the great puzzles is why Australia has persisted on the present track toward a system which is rendered moribund by complexity, useless to base purpose and so far removed from the original intent; as decreed by an Act of parliament. The ‘Authority’ was instituted to ensure harmony and compliance with ICAO. There are volumes of Senate inquiry, industry submission and clear, compelling evidence that Australia is on the wrong track. Despite the many millions spent, expert advice from both internal and external sources; across the spectrum, from Air Traffic Control to the maintenance shed; from airline operations to weekend puddle jumpers; not only has the message been delivered, but been deliberately ignored. Ministers, Mandarins, Senators all treated with contempt; spoon feed pony-pooh and terrified of taking any responsibility; let alone all of it.

Take the time, read through the links provided by P2; a snapshot of how a proactive administration works and the abject failure of the home spun system in place. The important point is a simple one – the USA acknowledged ‘the problems’ and are collectively working to deal with them, before it all turns to custard; not after. Consider how close to a serious event Australia is; flight crew which fail to notice a door seal damaged ignored; engine failures not investigated; airframes coming apart in mid – air passed off as (pick an answer) mid-air collisions not fully investigated; public transport operating ‘in the blind’; pilot medicals a legal nightmare; etc. etc. There is a long, long list of ‘stuff’ which fits into the ‘safety’ operational and legal grid which is not being attended to in a professional, sensible manner. How many more ‘inquiries’ and millions of dollars must we have before the changes which have been on the table for more than three decades now finally occur? CP imminent; PNR rapidly approaching. Tick tock, tick – tock.

That’s me done; ‘nuff said, and poorly at that; but the amount of ‘pot-shots’ on offer this week alone beggar any sense of humour, or even single item comment, let alone a clear sight of final destination being anywhere else but downgrade. There’s more – but, enough….


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MTF,,,P2 🙄