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First this week’s #SBG: Second verse; same as the first.

Well, the remarkable, redoubtable P2 has worked his magic once again. I, for one amongst the many, struggle to find an item of interest in the buggers muddle which represents the ATSB web site: one must be determined. There are three posts on the forum from P2 research; all of which are worthy of the time taken to work through. Took a while, two coffees and a walk around the orchard, but I managed to work through it all, worth every minute. P2 defines it as a ‘Cluster of Ducks’, in two parts. – Not quite the words I’d use, but, dear reader, what the research represents is a thing you must decide for yourself. See posts # 361 – #362 and – #365.

The ATSB’s purpose is defined by its mission statement: “Improve transport safety for the greatest public benefit through our independent investigations and influencing safety action”.

P2’s last post #365 – provides links to 58 ‘investigations; that list, standing alone raises questions to which, IMO, the tax paying public are fully entitled to have answered. What is presented is the result of a history which reaches back to the Lockhart River event; a history which clearly defines a progressive decline in reporting integrity and the increasing subservience to ‘system’, aided and abetted by the infamous MoU and provision of ministerial ‘credible deniability’. If you look beyond the ‘reports’ and ‘inquiry’ to ‘results’ the picture becomes crystal clear. The window dressing has become increasingly attractive; easily swallowed by press and public; but beyond the public window, it is the same old well protected slaughter house.

 “This above all: to thine own self be true,

Take any one of the 58 reports listed and then try to find any semblance of ‘positive’ action to prevent a repeat; or solid safety advisory enforced and made into a directive; or, in any form ‘pro-active’ coal face education offered to the aviation industry the ATSB is supposed to serve. I can save you hours of research – there ain’t any. Not since BASI departed the fix – and the MoU came into being, not since the ‘crash comic’ was replaced by self-promoting junk food for political and public service peace of mind and protection. Aye, it has all been on a slippery slope since Lockhart; ‘twas bad enough before Beaker, but all hope was dashed when Hood stepped up to bat; even when his departure created a small glimmer of hope; we got landed with the Wee Bearded Popinjay.

“But man, proud man,
Dress’d in a little brief authority,
Most ignorant of what he’s most assur’d—
His glassy essence—like an angry ape
Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven
As makes the angels weep; who, with our spleens,
Would all themselves laugh mortal.”

No idea who said ‘prevention is better than cure’; but seems to me that it is a positive approach to ‘prevention’ which is required rather than a two or three year routine delay in a final report, let alone the outrageous seven off years for an event like the Essendon fiasco. Anyway, that’s it IMO – FWIW; we have a four tier system which is performing magnificently as top cover for the minister and the public service doyens; ASA, ATSB, CASA and the DoIT – ‘tis a lasting shame that they ain’t doing quite so well serving the aviation industry and the travelling public who support this very expensive edifice to (pick a word – ). Disgraceful, deceptive and wrong…..Hell yes.


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MTF…P2 😎