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First up this week’s #SBG: From the ridiculous to the ‘Cor Blimey’.

No long strides required, not to cross the narrow divide between the sublime into the ridiculous; but, you have to try hard to reach the Cor Blimey side of the paddock. However, our not so illustrious ATSB have managed it; no less than on the 30 year anniversary of the report which created the ‘legend’ (myth) of Australia’s gold standard accident investigation and making Prof Reasons theory into a stark reality. Consider this; for many, many years professional aviators and their ‘management’ have based much of the ‘safety’ ethos we operate to on the wisdom passed along through the BASI ‘Safety Digest’ – Cautionary tales turned into sage advice; short, clearly enunciated warnings; and, education with regard to ‘engineering’ surprises. It is worth every minute of your time to read and consider the BASI report into the Monarch tragedy – three decades ago.

Monarch – BASI.

When your done with that; if you can stand it – take a close look at some of the piffle pumped out in a flurry lately – as ‘press releases’ – (attributed to) then, when you are done with the bucket; grab another coffee and read the Coroners remarks – HERE – on the seaplane fatal in Jericho Bay on the Hawksebury river. Then ask yourself a simple question – WTF has happened to our ATSB?.

“Hain’t we got all the fools in town on our side? And hain’t that a big enough majority in any town?

But; no matter say the optimists – we have the all seeing CASA to keep us all on the right track; its OK for ATSB to be little more than a PR agency, run by a media fixated buffoon; nope, CASA will make it all better. “Yeah right”: say the multitude, as they beg leave to ask some serious questions. They try, but inevitably, just walk away, shaking their wooden heads, finding any attempt to be utterly unproductive. From the top down; the level of aeronautical and engineering incompetence is writ large. Which should not matter if (big one) the head of the circus had any notion, even vaguely related to the care and feeding of an aviation industry. For a cool million per annum; the tax paying public should, at very least, be able to know that ‘the boss’ had some idea of which end of an engine the smoke comes out of – alas. Now then; we may be able to slide by and forgive a total ignorance of ‘operations’ – but not when an assault (one of the many) is being allowed to play out; in the face of absolute CEO supported bastardy. Spence has allowed the Buckley matter to become a matter of international attention. Spence has stuck her head so deeply into the sand on not only the Buckley matter, but of so many other important matters that through her continued, farcical attempts at running CASA her tenure has become insupportable. Honourable resignation (al’a Skidmore) is definitely not an option; not any longer. There are but two options and no choices – do the ‘decent’ last thing; repair the Buckley matter – before slinking away to clerical anonymity.

“In a word, I was too cowardly to do what I knew to be right, as I had been too cowardly to avoid doing what I knew to be wrong”

Of course as ‘matters aeronautical’ go, slowly, but irreversibly, to Hell – in a hand cart; one looks to the government and particularly to the minister ‘in charge’. Sorry; my mistake – there is no ‘minister in charge – is there. An industry on it’s knees; three very expensive, independent of government – (except for government tax dollars dolled out and fees imposed for ‘service’) – ‘safety agencies’. I say ‘service’ in the most rudimentary application; much as the Boar services the sow to produce piglets. Royally and often, is industry ‘served’; and the poor old tax payer keeps meeting the stud fee. ‘Excuse us minister – but what exactly are we getting in the way of peerless ‘safety’ for us when we travel by or work within the air?

“No answer,” was the stern reply!

Aye, silence is a wondrous balm; the deep quite of the workshop and the steady progress of plane, saw and chisel as the design takes form; a tiny jewel of blood on a corner from a careless second – to mark my being – no harm done. But the denial and silence and reams of white paper from a government which is not only witness to the decline, the expense and bastardy; but happily spends millions to protect an aberration while declining every and all responsibility to the people they tax to support this abomination.– It beggars not only confidence and credibility; but leaves folk to wonder if perhaps there is actually “something rotten in the State of Denmark”?

“A beggar works by standing out of doors in all weathers and getting varicose veins, chronic bronchitis, etc. It is a trade like any other; quite useless, of course–but, then, many reputable trades are quite useless.”

Yes; yes – I know, back to my knitting; but seriously folks?…………..What is the fascination cats have with keyboards? Dogs have no idea (not allowed on the bench of course) but Mog seems to have ambitions to become a typist – the last effort ‘impressive’ in volume – if not in logic. No matter; it seems cigar smoke, Ale fumes and TOM arriving are a sure fire cure for feline keyboard calisthenics. Company on our nocturnal rambles – of the finest kind. A nod at the doors and away go the canine cohort; 30 yards behind the feline ‘leader’ – big dog looks back over his shoulder; and, you know – I’d swear he’s smiling.

Selah – ..  

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“..In recognition of the need for scheduled air services in remote areas of Australia, CASA implemented a low capacity AOC to regulate scheduled air services into air strips which did not meet the regulatory requirements for normal scheduled air services. CASA stationed FOI Rod Bencke on Horn Island, who recognised the need for these essential services. Working with Rod, Uzu Air rapidly qualified for the issue of a low capacity RPT AOC enabling conduct of scheduled air services to the islands of the Torres Strait…”

MTF…P2 :roll: