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First this week’s #SBG: Oh, to be in Canberra;

Now that ‘diversity is here; to be a protected species, and never have to fear.

Started the twiddle; fully intended to finish it, alas, fury and disgust took over as I progressed (and the computer quit). Given the almost unbelievable ‘cost’ to the nation for our alleged first world aviation ‘safety system’ paid for by the public and industry; add to that the gross negligence, blatant incompetence and complete lack of accountability – its no wonder folk get ‘cranky’.

“In a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.”

Aviation folk have been concerned, critical and vocal for years (decades even), Senators have tried to correct the system for equally as long, despite their efforts, all good advice has been dismissed, recommendations have been turned inside out, used as bricks to reinforce the bastions of ‘protection’. The final straw landed this week on the camel’s back; research is ‘sketchy’ at the moment, but when and if the full story is confirmed, – well, then we shall see. On the surface at least it looks like ‘diversity’ has been not only ‘weaponised’, but monetised and supported by the government no less, with public money. Now, there’s no evidence to support this, not yet: so best I can manage is to relate the whispers we hear – no guarantees – however and FWIW – verbatim I shall quote ’em. It is said to go something like this – Executive level grade are said to receive a bonus for promoting ‘diversity’. One black, one white and one with a bit of ‘light’ on etc. Meet the quota – get a bonus. So should one of the protected ascend to a major role, make a complete pigs ear of the job, have staff hacked off and only doing the minimum required to keep their job, nodding on cue; their judgement and advice treated with contempt; in the real world there would be a hat, a coat, a bus ticket and a fare thee well. Seems that can’t happen in a Quango; the bonus of the executive depends on the quota – not performance. I, for one have trouble believing this, unimpeachable evidence trumps hearsay, every time, and ex employees dare not speak out publicly, so we are stuck with rumour an whispers – so far. Then I wonder, that even with rock solid proof, could the system be changed? Changed enough attract industry support, talent, knowledge, experience and good intent; history says not. Anyway – we shall keep gathering the straws, in hope of eventually making some bricks.

It was beautiful and simple as all truly great swindles are.

P2 has put together a good round up of the way matters aeronautical stand; it is not a pretty picture; encompassing the bizarre antics of the ATSB, almost incomprehensible performance (lack thereof) from the ASA in providing the separation of air traffic the public and industry pay dearly for (bonus intact though); and, the whiff of internal wars within the CASA added to the usual messy application of rules no one seems to understand. The whole monolith seems to be heading South at a rate of knots, without any form of braking or steering system. Best free advice on offer is – when you are in a hole – ‘stop digging’. It is at the moment a fairly deep, muddy, muddled excavation we are looking at – without any form of shoring – let us hope it does not take a major event to put an end to the burrowing into protection for bonus.

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”

I realise Tuesday is not Sunday; but my ageing computer decided to take a long weekend break and quit. The repair man found the bits he needed and issued a stern warning about future surgery and the benefits of modern equipment; but I like the old thing don’tcha know, so I shall keep it going as longs as I can find the bits needed.

That’s it – some of us actually still have a work ethic and I’d best crack on.


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MTF…P2 😆