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The Des Ross article – HERE – is worth the time taken to read.  You do not have to believe it all; however, the questions posed are valid and they have not, as yet been answered.  Some of the reader comments are aggressively framed, unnecessarily so IMO, the man has taken the time to examine, with an open mind some of the ‘head-scratchers’ in search of open debate.  Well, he’s welcome at the BRB anytime.

However, as with almost every other commentary made to date, the program studiously avoided reference to that four-hour period immediately after the aircraft disappeared. The omission of any reference to this period was blindingly obvious and made me wonder again why it is being avoided in the media and in any official commentary. Perhaps it is lack of understanding of what should have happened.

The BBC documentary did refer, briefly, to the stunning inaction of the Vietnamese controller, in Ho Chi Minh centre, who took 17 minutes to ask the Malaysian controller why MH370 had not transferred to his radio frequency as had been expected.


 Doug Nancarrow – HERE – is always worth the time it takes to read;

 Despite the extraordinary distractions in Canberra right now, it seems likely that the Senate star chamber will shortly be targeting unresolved aviation issues such as the Pelair ditching.  And aviation entities such as Airservices and ATSB are not out of the woods yet either. I fully understand the need for vigilance with regard to the performance of these aviation bodies, but it can get out of hand and become a huge distraction from the real work they are charged with performing. Just look at the way the NSW ICAC has run amok in recent times. Dig deep and hard enough and you’ll always find something amiss, but you will run the risk of turning a target into an organisation focused almost entirely on its own survival instead of the job it should be getting on with. Finding the right balance is not something Senate committees have in mind. They want blood.

 Damn straight; the McComic buffoon, posturing, glad-handing and weaving his unconscionable way into the ICAO factory as a Merde-k supported reward was Albo’s final insult to aviation.  That’s only the insult to injury; the injury was caused by the team that brought you the aberration which became Pel-Air, subject of the totally ignored Senate, Forsyth and TSBC reviews; all of which demanded that serious, far reaching changes be brought, like it or not, to the Australian aviation system of air safety oversight.

 The manipulation of the Senate inquiry into the Pel-Air aftermath was breathtakingly daring, the obfuscation sublime, the deceit palpable and the duck up of the cover up so arrogantly, blatantly paraded in front of a highly tuned, well briefed Senate committee that it not only beggared belief; but those who believed it.   Perhaps the star of the 49′ ers episode and master of the Pel-Air ceremonies can indulge in a private smirk or two now; knowing full well that the casamites and willing accomplices left behind will feel the full wrath of a Senate committee which quite rightly will be looking for blood.

 Will the great white shark become extinct?  Will wabbit get wodgered? only time will tell; but, I always thought that the coliseum grudge matches, or an afternoon spent knitting with Madame DeFrage by the tumbrels was as pleasant a way to spend a Sunday afternoon as any…  😈 …..

Toot toot…. 😉 ….