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It has, to say the least been an ‘interesting’ week. The final analysis of ‘Estimates’ and the intense focus on the lengthy, informative Air Services session revealed some excellent footwork from the Senators, the Hansard and the video outtakes well worth the effort. – Catch up; start HERE.


The RAAA conference was concluded in fine style; there were some reported ‘off-hand’ remarks made between the various groups with the inestimable Jim Davis getting the message delivered loud and in clear.  Best start point – HERE.

Mount Non Compliance continues to present logistical challenges for the AP crew; non the less the effort continues, to catch up with the intrepid team start from last Sunday– HERE.

New thread ‘The Carmody Hour’ (USA accent required) has opened the score card on the affectionately dubbed ‘Wingnut’. Early expectations have proven remarkably accurate, it is the speed at which confirmation was achieved which is remarkable. The AP after much practice seem to mastered the art of spotting the smoke and mirrors limbering up.  HERE.


The two top billings this week. First cab off the rank the remarkably inept efforts of the minister to foist another delaying tactic in the form of another ‘review’ – for the good of all; which went down like a well trimmed man-hole cover. The chant ‘Resignations and Reform before Review’ is going to heard more often as industry winds outrage  up to full volume.  The whole sorry saga starts – HERE.


Last but not least, the excellent reporting by the ABC of the unbelievable mess ASA are creating. Aunty Pru asks the questions that matter about why the ‘State Safety Program’ produced at great expense; has not been invoked by CASA – to ensure that passenger safety is not compromised. That is why the ICAO program was developed – Australia is a signatory. The latest on the ASA debacle may be enjoyed – HERE.

P2 – That’s a wrap.