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One of the more subtly dangerous effects of the hypnotic voodoo spell weavers art is the deaf, dumb and blind state. Once an unfortunate is lulled into a trance, the evil can be completed with ease. The arcane ritual begins with mind numbing boredom, usually produced through reams of stultifying paper work, crafted to be unintelligible to the reader and masking the true nature of the evil spells cunningly interwoven.

The first rate (Choc frog class) research on MoU, provided by P2 in the post above provides a perfect example. The silky, whispering, hypnotic repetition increases in frequency leading the reader to mindless place, where reassured by ‘the voices’ the subtle, evil changes pass by, unnoticed. In 199?, there was a need, because of changes to the Act, for an ‘agreement’ of some sort to be hammered out. Both tribes were independent, strong and intent on doing their jobs, to the best of their ability. The public purse was, after all funding it’s own safety during flight. Then those who sought power, ease of responsibility and had ambitions to become ‘the authority’ saw an opportunity to grab more power, ease the burden and wriggle out of some serious obligations. Enter the legal word weasels.

Slowly, stealthily, but surely the flaws built (some say purposely) into the infamous Miller report were exploited, the even balance of power was cynically eroded until one agency gained the political supremacy and began to slowly choke it’s rival sister agency. All done neat and legal of course, gradually as nearly all the names changed the poison slowly spread; and, as the done deals were supported and accepted ‘fait accompli’ with the top layers of ‘departmental’ power fully backing the paradigm shift, until slowly, but surely the hideous MoU anathema became ‘the norm’. There was some token resistance, at least until Uriah Heep was quietly added to the mix. From there it has been downhill, fully assisted, cobbed throttles, all the way. The 2004 MoU was the penultimate sword stroke; the final death strike and Coup de grâce to independance was delivered with the 2010 version.

There is much to thank the hapless crew of the ditched Pel-Air medivac flight for. The new MoU would not have been a remote possibility, had it not been for that unfortunate, avoidable incident. The once independent ATSB would have become a catamite to the insanity of the despotic McComic, Albo sponsored era; the board a mere puppet and the Iron Ring left reigning supreme, without let, hindrance or challenge. As it stands, without fanfare or red faces, the aberration has become, once again a docile, domestic animal used to facilitate a flaw in the Act. A honest loophole, writ by men of good will, which has been ruthlessly, selfishly and, IMO corruptly exploited by those who through voodoo, smoke and mirrors, seek to control and manipulate, for their own self interest, the safety of the travelling public.

Yes; it is tedious. But the time taken to plough through, really ‘read’ and comprehend the P2 offering will provide a true horror story to keep the honest reader awake; the dishonest will of course seek ways to circumvent the spirit and intent, simply to renew the atrocity. The video is a handy short road to understanding. Aye, such is the never ending battle between dark and light.

But, if we see this change as an example of a Senate supported DAS and new ATSB leadership, perhaps the first, tentative steps on the road to rehabilitation have been taken. Sure they are small, but bravely done and in the right direction.

Top marks, gold stars and Choc frogs all around. Bravo.

And thus I clothe my naked villany

With odd old ends stol’n out of holy writ,

And seem a saint, when most I play the devil.”