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Signing the RC petition and fear of CASA retribution?? AP forum version.
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[Image: kADJpzPzzaexRTM-48x48-noPad.jpg?1640056817] SHANNON BAKER started this petition to Aviation industry.

As we all know, CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) have had underlying issues that have eroded industry confidence at all levels – for decades, after multiple senate enquiries over the years, it appears these have had little to no affect on how CASA continue to operate.

The first step to change – is an independent public investigation into the Civil Aviation Safety Authority… a Royal Commission would be the most appropriate medium for this, and would help restore industry confidence.

“A Royal Commission is an investigation, independent of government, into a matter of great importance. Royal Commissions have broad powers to hold public hearings, call witnesses under oath and compel evidence. Royal Commissions make recommendations to government about what should change.”

The Royal Commission into the Civil Aviation Safety Authority should focus its investigation on:

1) If CASA is ‘fit for purpose’ in its current form, in particular to its Legal, International and Regulatory Affairs Division (LIRA), if CASA’s conduct is reasonable and in accordance with wider aviation community expectations.

2) CASA’s apparent abuse of administrative law, and whether it is appropriate it retain these powers.

3) Whether it is appropriate for CASA to be involved in drafting aviation regulations.

4) Investigation into Freedom of Information requests to CASA and potential interference from (but not limited to) the Legal, International and Regulatory Affairs Division, as openness and transparency are pillars for democracy, trust and progress which will give confidence to industry that good governance is taking place.

5) Investigation into whether there has been any use of taxpayer funds to protect CASA staff in litigation or legal proceedings who have engaged in misconduct or alleged criminal activity, or the signing of NDA (non-disclosure agreements).

6) The erosion of General Aviation in Australia through CASA decisions.

7) Airspace review to align more with the FAA. (USA) rules.

8) Any other matter of importance that should be investigated that comes to the Royal Commission’s attention during its investigation.

In its findings, the Royal Commission should include comment on whether the establishment of an independent aviation ombudsman would be appropriate, and all matters that arise from the investigation that appear to be criminal in nature shall be referred to the Australian Federal Police or other relevant authorities for investigation.

The Royal Commission shall make its findings open, public and transparent, and shall accept submissions from the public during the investigation.

This petition will be presented to federal members of parliament.


Peter Brookman
24 hours ago

I believe a lot of CASA’s powers are detrimental to aviation and serves in no way for safety in aviation

Debra Koch
3 days ago

They have lied to me in the past. They are brazen faced shameful, deceitful and duplicitous. I would say a royal commission is the very least they deserve for chemtrail crimes against humanity

Sean Frewin
3 days ago

We need a fair, just and impartial authority to oversea aviation safety in this country.

Derek Liston
4 days ago

As a retired LAME and still current PPL I am well aware of the problems with CASA and in my particular case the Aeromedical branch.

Michael Carlin
4 days ago

A government department about as useful as pedals on a wheelchair. Needs a complete overhaul urgently.

Marjorie Pagani
5 days ago

The lack of accountability and cost to aviation has gone on far too long: the police shouldn’t be writing the rules. Departmental supervision is overdue.

Wally Sturgeon
5 days ago

Running 2 parallel systems since 1998 should have been fixed up long ago. Show me another country that has kept this up for the last 23 years. If you plan to adopt e.g. the EASA system, and then tamper with it you end up in ‘no man’s land’ in terms of International harmonisation.

Terence McGowan
5 days ago

casa needs to have aviation experienced people. Not political appointees. Someone who has actually been involved in general aviation.

Bob Pagett
5 days ago

CASA need to be held to account for the mismanagement and obvious corruption that sits within the Dept.

Bryn Watson
5 days ago

CASA has become the single biggest threat to my safety as a professional helicopter pilot. Their well outdated methodology for regulating safety is creating more problems that they purport to solve.

Christopher Atkinson
5 days ago

CASA has destroyed general aviation in this country

And from GlenB, via the petition:

Glen Buckley
22 hours ago

I am personally affected by the unsafe culture that exists within CASAs Legal, International and regulatory branch under the stewardship of CASA employee, Mr Jonathan Aleck, having had my business closed down by this man. Action is needed before he causes any more harm to anybody else. There is a “cover up” of his misconduct, and the only way to expose him is for a Royal commission to be announced. Australian owned businesses, and in fact aviation safety is dependent on that Commission. I encourage all to sign and support positive change

Plus via the UP:

Petition signed

I encourage every participant in GA, concerned about the future of the industry to make the effort and sign this petition. It really is crucial, and I commend the organizer for sticking his/her neck out and having the courage of their conviction for initiating it.

As someone previously being publicly critical of CASA and having my livelihood destroyed, I can only hope they don’t track you down and cause the same harm to you and your business. Mr Aleck can be a very dangerous man to cross. I say that from my own personal experience.

Hats off to you, cheers. Glen

In reply Shannon Baker highlighted why it is that many in industry will be reluctant to sign:


This was the main concern bought to me by those who wanted to sign, but ultimately did not – out of fear of not being able to sign anonymously so as to not attract the attention of CASA.

Only those who have witnessed this BS first hand would even begin to comprehend how bad the problem really is – 99% of the industry have NO idea.

If police acted the way some of the CASA staff do, in my opinion they would be in gaol. – I wish I was exaggerating, but I am not.

They love to play the game of “who do you believe more”… Unfortunately to a third party not involved with aviation they view CASA as the “experts” and cannot fathom why they would be motivated to lie, deceit or mislead… But, in my opinion.. they do.

To this GlenB has responded with a query:

fear of retribution

There can be no doubt that many with a business operating in GA may be concerned to sign the petition.

From my own personal experience, criticism of CASA can be met with fierce retribution.

Im not sure if someone can clarify this for me.

I am unable to access the signatories unless they have also made a comment.

If you make a comment your name is displayed.

If you simply sign with no attached comment it appears your name is not displayed.

If that is the case, and i hope someone can confirm that, more industry participants may be prepared to sign, if a higher level of anonymity can be maintained

P2 question: Hmmm…remember this? ( HANSARD & TICK TOCK!! – Time’s up Ms Spence )

CHAIR: I do. I am really frustrated that, having heard the evidence this afternoon, Dr Aleck didn’t come prepared for questions about Angel Flight, about the costs. He is the head of the legal team. He would have been directing the proceedings. I imagine that he had to sign off on what the requests to the courts were and then what the courts decided. I would be fascinated to know what amount you asked the court to award and then what the court did award. I cannot believe, Dr Aleck, that you do not know the answers to this question. I appreciate that Ms Spence is covering for you, but I am very, very unhappy with the horrible abuse of your position with CASA. It’s not right. For regional people [inaudible] general aviation, they are terrified of what you do to people.

In the interests of further protection of anonymity, I wonder if can facilitate certain aviation advocacy associations (plus industry stakeholder groups/businesses) the ability to present their membership as a combined number of signatories under the association’s banner?  Rolleyes