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More shelf-ware for the guy who waters the pot plants to dust off, from no less a notable than the Ombudsman a.k.a. Toothless.

Jim Davis “…The old guard at CASA remains in place with no changes to senior management foreshadowed and no changes to the CASA board leadership until 30 June 2015. Most of the ASRR recommendations relate to CASA and will need CASA’s active involvement and support to implement them. It defies logic to have the management team that created the problems highlighted by the ASRR report to be charged with fixing those very same problems.

Until the basic problems have left the building, preferably handcuffed and under guard, the dear old Ombudsman will have to take a number and wait. Rack ’em and stack ’em is the standing order; he should bring a good book, for it could be a long, long wait, there is quite a queue. There is the FAA/ICAO parked; the Senate parked and the Rev Forsyth can’t even get a start clearance.

The evidence is stark, compelling and starting to smell, it has been waiting a long time. The provided PAIN sampling of fatal accident reports, Coroner recommendations and ATSB pleas for something to be done is about 25% of the whole thing. It is a truly frightening document, all factual, the last decade has been telling indictment that CASA were becoming a law unto themselves; but during the last five years it is abundantly clear that CASA firmly believe they above the law and any who gainsay that notion are just looking for trouble; and usually get it.

I took the PAIN offering out doors last night along side a cold beer and ‘revisited’ (as they say) they thing that immediately struck me was the solemn undertaking (pun intended) to make things better, through promised ‘new’ regulation, is still outstanding. The report was drafted in 2012 against fatal accidents from 2002 onwards. NONE of that promised regulation has yet been provided, not in an effective form, without it Part 61 becomes a total nonsense, the support structure is not in place.

It is truly a disgusting, disquieting state of affairs. The undeniable facts are there as is the reprehensible behaviour of those same ‘worthies’ now charged with ‘fixing’ it. Are they venal or do they just live in the land of Faery?

Don’t believe me – Download the –PAIN– Coroners report, the potted version will give you an idea of just what an unholy mess we are in.