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First this week’s #SBG: Taking the Mickey – a how to. 

A time honoured exercise is taking the Mickey Bliss – it comes in many forms; from the good natured ragging of a friend or colleague, through to a deliberate act of sheer bastardy. Provided it is done socially, in good spirit, little harm results; BUT, what about it being done on an industrial scale, to the nation, what then?…. What about a government not only taking the Mickey Bliss, treating the hoi-polloi as idiots, ripping the populace off and skipping away to live, unimpeachable, off the proceeds to boot?. The media have been howling (well Meow-ing) about airfares and competition etc. The aviation industry (bar Big Q) is getting hammered out of existence by complex ‘safety’ regulation, development of and paying for the use of Commonwealth land; subjected to a collapsing air traffic control system; being provided with carefully worded reports into accident and governed by an Authority which (to say the least) leaves a lot to be desired. Decades of protest; millions spent, hundreds of thousands words written to ‘inquiry’ – long history – all for nought.

“History, in general, only informs us what bad government is.”

“Why doesn’t the government do something” is a call as old as mankind. The answer of course is simple – they don’t have to. Ministers sit at the apex of a well constructed ‘safety’ system; when they say the Australian aviation is ‘safe’ it does not mean that the travelling public is made safe by government. That ‘safety’ is provided by the air carrier. What it really means is that no matter what, the minister and the government are immune, distanced and protected by multiple circuit breakers. Here is a classic example:-

Albo: “Well, it’s not up to me. It’s up to the Transport Minister, who’s made the decision,”

You would think the bus was headed for La’King – wrong;

“Decisions on air traffic rights between Australia and other nations do not usually go to cabinet. But Treasurer Jim Chalmers, Trade Minister Don Farrell, Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil and Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong were all unable to confirm by deadline on Tuesday that they were consulted over the decision taken by Ms King.”

‘Pop’ – there goes the first circuit breaker.

“Ms King’s office instead said that she “consults with relevant colleagues on all matters, as appropriate”, but did not identify which colleagues she kept informed about the Qatar decision.”

‘Pop’ there go breakers two and three; and, the bus rolls by without getting anywhere near to those waiting at the stop. Responsibility spread like peanut butter over multiple slices. Should that not silence the pesky questions; then,standing behind the ‘leader’ is a veritable army of ‘useful idiots’ who can shuffle the blame down the line until someone catches the bullet.

“If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”

This protection racket is not just limited to the political elite though; no Sir. Take the Essendon fatal accident involving a Be20 and a bloody big building close in to the runway. Even the most ardent defender of departmental decisions should have the grace to blush after reading through the entire case. All – HERE-. But, at the end of the research and the ‘investigations’ – there is one short sentence which encapsulates how the ‘cut-out’ system works; how a building was approved and how, believe it or not, the building was just an innocent bystander. All bollocks, work backwards from this small, flawless gem:-

“Apart from my view that I consider the position expressed by CASA’s ‘Regulatory Guidance’ staff to be dubious as a matter of statutory interpretation, I wrote to the CEO/DAS about CASR 11.140 because I’m mindful of reports that CASA told the ATSB, in the course of the latter’s investigation of the evolution of the OLS at Essendon, that written confirmation given to the operators of Essendon by a CASA officer as to the interpretation of the applicable rules was wrong and had no legal validity.”

There’s more – P2 has mapped it all out – HERE – and again HERE.

“The advice in CASA’s letter of 2 October 2003 was not supported by an official legal instrument. As such, it was subsequently assessed by the Legal Services Division as having no legal validity.”

“A separate assessment from the Aerodromes team has also concluded that the advice provided from [the officer] was incomplete and incorrect as it only referenced the Obstacle Limitation Surface based on published information and not the required standard for the actual strip”

There are many colloquial expressions which adequately sum up the farce; the blatant ‘top cover’, which clearly defines how the ‘system’ is wholly focused on self protection; the industry and the mugs sitting behind the cabin entrance being totally convinced to keep stumping up the many millions it all costs. Who do you reckon will repay the two billion interest free gift Qantas got while trying to reclaim the money they paid, in good faith, for a ticket on a ‘cancelled’ flight? Ayup, it won’t be anyone else but the tax payer. Aye, it is an industrial scale Piss Take. Shame on the whole lot.

Well, that’s my opinion anyway (about the only thing not taxed these days) FWIW. Best to get it off my chest before I take on the major task of ‘puppy sitting’. DT fell in love with a ‘bitsa’ – weighs in at about a kilo, not much bigger than my boot at the moment, seems like a cheery sort, half smart too. Worked out big dog was a pushover, sleeping between his paws and that a degree of caution and diplomacy was required to deal with the cat. Anyway; seems I get to be the ‘No’ daemon, but food and biscuits come from the kitchen, along with ‘Oh, ain’t he cute’ etc. No matter, the stable is a lot more fun – seems strange though to have to leash a dog – for the while at least, until he learns a little more.


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MTF…P2 🙄