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Pride and Prejudice. (A short rant). – AuntyPru Forum version.

 I have always preferred:-

c. 1300, “despite, contempt,” from Old French prejudice “a prejudice, prejudgment; damage” (13c.) and directly from Medieval Latin prejudicium “injustice,” from Latin praeiudicium “prior judgment, judicial examination before trial; damage, harm,” from prae- “before” (see pre-) + iudicium “judgment,” from iudex (genitive iudicis) “a judge”

To – “Meaning “injury, physical harm” is mid-14c., as is the legal sense of “detriment or damage caused by the violation of a legal right.” Meaning “preconceived opinion” (especially but not necessarily unfavourable) is from late 14c. in English; now usually “decision formed without due examination of the facts or arguments necessary to a just and impartial decision.”

Of ‘Pride’ well; make of it what you will. But this ramble is (most definitely) all P7’s fault. You would think a dinner with Papa would be an innocuous thing, barely worthy of mention; wrong. Many (many) years ago, one of P7’s mates was a ‘top gun’ colonial policeman, served in many awkward places about the globe on behalf of HRH (bless). His son was of an age when we too could become friends; a friendship which exists to this very day. Anyway – there we all were, enjoying a truly excellent dinner and the usual chatter; until (as is the way) the gentlemen retired (outside with filthy cigars and daemon port). It all began genteelly enough – ‘how goes the latest inquiry?” 

The answer equally sanguine; it began with an accolade to the good Sen. McDonald. In short; she represents the true heart of this land and it’s womanhood, those who turn up to collect the once a week mail at their own airstrip; keep the men sane and can, if required feed a shearing shed. Our country women, true hero’s and makers of this land. That said, it was down to specifics. P7 outlined the state of play and the score card, in doing so, mentioned “Buckley”. The ears of our retired ‘Chief’ of (many) police forces (in tough ports) pricked up – “Whoa”, says he “explain” as his instincts kicked in (despite the Port). And, so we did, as best we could, provide an unbiased ‘potted’ version of ‘the case’. The man sat quietly, puffing away on his pipe, and listened very carefully all the way through (soup to nuts) to the story. At the end of it, he tapped the dottle out of his pipe and, in his quiet way made a simple statement which ‘blew me away’. “How I would love to have the sort of power CASA have; never get away with it in my world, but by Golly, if I had there would be a few more in goal than I ever managed to ‘put away’.

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“I guess the only time most people think about injustice is when it happens to them. ― Charles Bukowski, Ham on Rye

Yes M’lud, to the point I am getting. In the simplest of terms, we must look at the ‘Rhodes’ aberration, to see the point our friend made. An aircraft has an engine failure; it can only be one of three reasons; air, fuel or spark. (P7 – Four if you want to split a hair and call component failure over which no one has control). An engine failure without warning at a critical time; people died. Without a shred of tangible evidence CASA moved to crucifixion; business gone, reputation gone, licences gone, operating certificate gone: all on the basis of an as yet unexplained engine failure. Hung, drawn and quartered – after the fact, without trial, without evidence and with no opportunity to defend the ‘case against’. Buckley finds himself in the same sinking lifeboat; without benefit of trial, hearing or even reason why he was castigated and branded an ‘untenable’ employee, while exercising his valid permissions to conduct his work for another operator. A fully qualified CASA approved flight instructor; yet he is walking the aisles of a correction centre trying to hold his family together; put food on the table and find some dignity. He is not Robinson Crusoe; there are many out there like him. Branded as just the ‘ills of society’ by those who earn much more than he ever would from his ‘compliance’ with the rules CASA wrote. A contributor to the aviation world decimated and relegated to poverty because CASA had an ‘Oh Shit’ moment. Nah. The real villain has just had a $120,000 kick along to his excessive pay packet – all for nailing Buckley to a cross. Smacks of Roman justice to me. And, I might add wars have been fought for less.

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“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” ― Voltaire

Between Buckley, natural justice, an even playing field, equality in the eyes of the law and basic democratic law stands CASA with Sen. McDonald keeping hope alive. It is a great burden, but rest assured, the CWA of this wide brown land, of drought and flooding rains has been held solid by women such as this.

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Ref Oz Flying: Buckley levels Accusations of Misfeasance at CASA

Will this faith be rewarded or; are we to see it all dragged down to the McComic (WWWWWW) of Wagga level of self interest, ego and do little, but talk much foolishness? He should be fair up the CASA clacker wanting (nay, demanding) to know the answer to one simple question: “What, in the seven Hell’s do you think you are playing at; this is a democracy duck it?

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“Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance. ― Robert F. Kennedy

Aye well; ’tis but a ramble, a twiddle, nonetheless, P7’s mate brought home the thought of what a police force can ‘get away with’ when compared to what CASA do, with impunity and no one questions it. All in the name of ‘safety’ and huge salaries for feeding Pollies what they want to hear. But enough.

Mea culpa; two mortises into a table leg – easy; right. It is if you carefully cut them into the right side of the leg. Inside those ‘holes’ which must meet at 90º, to take two tenons with a 45º bevel; fits like a glove – except when you mindlessly chop ’em out on the wrong face. Start again; what else. “Away now dogs; NO!, move you lazy hounds”. Alas, we have a lost baby Possum to watch and mind, until Mum finds it that is – (Oh she will) but until then, the mutts have not only adopted it, but don’t like to leave it alone (the Cat’s back home). Strange and wonderful are the ways of the animal mind. No matter, if I put it into the cat transport cage, then we may partake of my evening stroll and illicit cigar. Here endeth ‘the ramble’ –