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Your safety is our prime concern. AuntyPru forum version

‘Hypocrisy’ is a word I hear being bandied about a lot just lately. With an election looming, there are a few ‘other’ words which are becoming an accepted norm in the political art of double speak and verbal sleight of hand. All delivered on a sliding scale of between risible and outrageous; ’tis the meat and potatoes of the politician ‘on the election trail’. They’ve been at it for centuries now and, provided the ‘rhetoric’ is filtered through the parliamentary system before becoming ‘law’ at least some sense of proportion can be maintained (mostly). But what of the ‘big lies’ – the ‘whoppers’ the ones which are enshrined as absolute truth and unimpeachable? Those that protect and isolate the governing party from any and all responsibility – what of those?

“The Act stipulates that CASA must regard the safety of air navigation as the most important consideration.”

Consecutive government ministers and their minions have hidden behind this fatuous statement for decades now and it is the most ambiguous, heinous load of crapolla ever foisted on an unsuspecting public. Check your dictionary – the sentence is almost  meaningless. Then consider the words ‘air navigation’;

“the act of directing a ship, aircraft, etc. from one place to another, or the science of finding a way from one place to another:”

This ‘Act’ part is neatly covered in the first round of pilot qualification – navigation in theory and in practice: end of…The ‘safety’ of ‘aviation operations’ (complete) is left to the discretion of those charged with oversight of ‘safety’ – without further guidance. The dismal results of that latitude clearly demonstrated on a daily basis. But, I digress; we must return to the ‘big’ lie and seek an answer to a serious question or two. How can anyone claim that ‘safety’ is the ‘most important’ element while the potential for mid air collision has never been mathematically higher; or the percentage chances of collision with a large building exponentially increased – due to ASA ineptitude; ATSB puerile non reporting of probable cause & associated elements –  and CASA denying any and all responsibility? We may reasonably ask how ‘safety’ is being improved by large buildings in close proximity to operational (safe) areas required to ensure the safe passage of an aircraft during the critical (most dangerous) period of flight (take off and landing). These are very real, high risk ‘safety case’ scenario which have never been addressed.

It is time to prick the aviation ‘safety’ thought bubble and expose it for the sham it is. One reason Australia has a low aviation accident rate is simply because there ain’t much in the way of ‘activity’, reasonably good weather and little in the way of ‘high’ terrain. The danger areas however are growing at a rate; for example there is not a study of the effect of wind interaction with buildings close to operational safety zones; this is imperative for ‘worst case’ analysis of aircraft with ‘critical’ failures. There are no existing forward projections for managing aircraft in close proximity during critical flight segments (approach, land, take-off and departure) in congested airspace, bar ‘see and be seen’ which is difficult at the best of times. There is an increasing burden of regulatory compliance and ‘safety speak’ which detracts from operator ability to analyse, assess and mitigate the risks associated with ‘task’ as scheduled.

Ref: EWH catching up on AMROBA SOE support

The brand new SoE is, in theory, a good jumping off point. The big question is will it be allowed to morph into it’s full potential; or, be paid lip service with minor, insignificant changes and some new cosmetics applied, just to make it seem as though the SoE was ‘complied’ with? The treatment of the ASRR still rankles in living memory as a disgraceful example of the radical cause for industry concerns.

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“And thus I clothe my naked villainy
With odd old ends stol’n out of holy writ;
And seem a saint, when most I play the devil.”

— William Shakespeare, Richard III.

Aye well; rant over – but seriously – how much longer can we mushrooms be kept in the dark, fed on pony-pooh and keep swallowing it?

No matter, tempus fugit and there will be frayed tempers if I don’t get a wriggle on.