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A Dance: of the seven veils. – AP Forum version.

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“Herod offered his niece a reward of her choice for performing a dance for his guests on his birthday. Herodias persuaded her daughter to ask for John the Baptist’s head on a platter. Against his better judgement, Herod reluctantly acceded to her request.”

Salome’s dance, through Wilde has been called the precursor to what we now call ‘strip tease’. I disagree with that; Salome’s effort was (IMO) more subtle, with the veils artfully managed to allow a fleeting glimpse, certainly a ‘tease’ without the strip – and a head on a platter to boot; on account of being a good girl.

Oh, what’s the fool banging on about now; and, WTD has this to do with matters aeronautical (groan the unshriven). The thought came at the end of a day spent with P2, he in his beloved dustbins, me catching and matching. At the close of play, I wondered how many ATSB heads would the minister like on plates? It is a fair question. Whether it be old fashioned ‘cock-up’, cover up or just sheer incompetence; heads should roll. The BRB collective opinion is that the cock up is incompetently covered up. Look no further than the Jerusalem Bay fatal accident – HERE – for a classic example.

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It took about 90 minutes to discover why investigator Nagy departed the ATSB stockade in Sleepy Hollow (not related to the accident) and reveal the incompetent, penny pinching methodology employed in the investigation. Had it not been for the first sin; the ATSB back-flip on the accident report would never have seen the light of day. Nagy was on the nose – so herd protection was not forthcoming. Amen. Which brings me back to Salome and her dance. ATSB artfully covering the sensitive parts, flirting their veils to keep the audience interested, hoping for a revealing moment. Alas, ’tis folly; beneath the veils, stripped naked, there is only another mundane human form. Take away the glamour, turn on the lights  and mystique vanishes.

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Right; brass tacks then. Follow me children; start _HERE_. P2’s post is well worth the few minutes it takes to read. It raises some interesting questions at the bottom of the page. I cannot imagine the police or any investigation into an accident going to court without a full screen toxicology test battery. Yet ATSB eventually moved to release an incomplete report to the DIP, only to retract it and scurry off to do their homework properly. The latest part of the cock-up now being covered up is artfully hidden behind the veil of carbon monoxide (CO). Bollocks…….Why? Well consider the time lines for a start. The pilot had spent more time in the aircraft than the passengers (hint). From engine start to accident took about 6/7- minutes. There was only one flange identified as ‘cracked’. There are eight  other cylinders; all pumping hot exhaust into the same ‘collector’ ring at a high rate, creating a ‘venturi’ like impetus to the waste gas – the percentage of ‘exhaust’ escaping from ‘the crack’ would be minimal and, the Beaver (bless it) is not what may be described as ‘airtight’; lots of fresh air streaming through the old airframe. CO is not a ‘quick killer’.

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We dug up some ‘expert’ opinion – HERE – which adds weight to the bollocks call. Again, worthy of serious consideration. We note that the ATSB failed in the first report to mention the possibility, the ‘Oh shit’ moment came when Nagy’s work belatedly got the once over after his departure from grace. A cock-up; a cover up; a back-flip and a load of old cobblers to provide an escape path. Wow! P2 nails down the question

P2 – “So my question is that given the timing of the above Transport Canada CASA and the association of the TSBC with the active investigation, did the powers that be have an ‘OH DUCK’ moment when they discovered that toxicology reports weren’t mandatory done in order to discount possible means of pilot and/or front RHS passenger incapacitation?”

Aye, you can see the need for veils and artful, seductive movement, to cover the cynical, deceitful, venal dance macabre. Well the minister may be entranced; but there are some hard eyed professionals out there who take pride in their work and how it is done; cash and no bullshit, the preferred currency. Maybe in another decade the RRAT committee may draft another report and apply the wet lettuce leaf with vigour; who knows, but history is against it. But, there will never, ever be a better time to bring in the reforms so desperately needed. Lets put a full stop on cock up, cover up, embuggerance and lunacy in law.

Best sign off – there’s a note pinned on my dartboard – a list drafted by DT – ‘matters domestic’ to be attended to.– Pronto like or else. No excuses, so I’ll whistle up the dogs take a walk then knock off the list; thus ensuring domestic harmony – for a while.


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