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Kulturny; or, talking Turkey? – AP forum version.

I will leave the ‘meaning’ of Kulturny to the readers discretion and personal ideology. It is however a ‘word of power’. ‘Talking Turkey’; is for the most part plain speaking and ‘haggling’. ( A lost art deified in The Life of Brian).   

“The origin of “talk turkey” seems to come from colonial times. Historical accounts suggest the phrase came about from the day-to-day bartering between colonists and Indians over wild turkey.”

With my apologies to the purists; it seem there is some pretty solid Kulturny Turkey being spoken at the moment. Some of our very own world class experts have weighed in on a couple of very important subjects; and IMO, those subjects merit serious considerations. Not just for what has been said and written, but on a much broader scale define some deep flaws, deep within the very foundations aviation of how is governed and ‘managed’ by this nation. For in a democracy; at the end of every single day, it is the tax paying public who fund it all. The monies out laid to ensure our travel by aircraft is as safe as humanly possible is a staggering amount. This money government pay out can only come (essentially) from one source; which branches into two streams – people and business. Commerce and trade; work for the people; apprenticeships, college, university, technical college, on the job training or just plain old fashioned hard graft. People want to work, feed their kids, have a life – however small it may be. To meet these goals, in Australia, folk look to ‘government’ to ensure that ‘opportunity’ for business and ‘trade’ forms a major part of ‘current thinking’. It begs but one answer to an oft asked question. Why is the aviation industry being cannibalised, bastardised and forced to move ‘off shore’? Airports being built over while neighbouring golf courses are protected; and etc…

Standing alone the piecemeal loss of our aerodromes, no matter how its tarted up – is a devastating blow, commercially, operationally limiting, safety contradictory: and, socially destructive to the aviation industry. How does a licensed aircraft engineer find work when three out of five aerodromes no longer support significant traffic? Better still – ask why Qantas really moved ‘off-shore’ and be shamed by the answer. Ask why major employers of engineers and pilots choose to fly under a foreign flag? Don’t bother yourselves – the answer is a simple one. Take a look at the Kiwi’s or the USA; then compare them to the absolute buggers muddle our ‘regulator’, safety agency and air traffic services have landed us in. Just look out of the window.

Many wise, caring, technically competent, qualified, experienced folk, with the good of the nation and it’s aviation industry at heart have, for years now, toiled to assist government make the ‘right’ choices – to no avail. How many millions have been squandered on ‘inquiry’ and report over three (and counting) decades to bring Australia into line with the successful ‘A’ grade nations? For what: a blithering Halfwit earning a million a year for the total crap he extols relating to ‘air-space’ management. Bollocks; pinch a penny and cream off the bonus (MTF). Or; perhaps the wonderful bi-lateral trade agreements negotiated to keep Australian business on shore (MTF). Or, maybe just lonesome Joe, wannabe pilot left with a SOAR arse, huge debt and broken dreams, courtesy of a ministerial photo op. Bollocks. All of it a national disgrace. What, in the seventh Hell the wide world must think of Australian aviation is beyond humour. Our correspondents from all over the world (all known mates) in short, simply shake their heads and offer their deepest condolences. There are, believe it or not, some very clever folk off-shore, serious professionals in many fields; all saying the same thing; Alas…

This week alone there were two large glistening pearls cast before the swine; AMROBA and AusALPA. AMROBA clearly defined ‘the problem’ many times, talking good solid sense, based on experience, technical knowledge, legal savvy and plain ‘common-sense’ It ain’t the first, nor likely to be the last load of good sense provided. Australian company paying American taxes, employing American folk who also pay their taxes to produce Australian ‘innovation’ and excellence for a wide world market. WTD – who let them escape?

Then we have the AusALPA discussion paper on ‘air space’. A rock solid eight pages of common sense, operational logic and experience which decimates the ‘Halfwit’s’ vision splendid of how to get away with the fraud the Australia taxpayer is going to get stuck with. ‘Big Sky’ (one pie) the redundant white Elephant must be paid for; all Halfwit is doing is skinning every dollar down to a fare-the-well to save pennies – to pay the big bills he and his mates signed up to. I did consider writing about the ‘air-space’ danger zones – from the cockpit perspective – in the Halfwit’s dream time; maybe I will; but not today. Watch any session of Estimates, no airspace designers, no ATCO input, no legal input – just Halfwit and his dodgy, slippery numbers man ducking and weaving. QED.

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Ref:…tes#136992 & Harfwit & CO in a Class E all of their own??

One small, insignificant remark to AusALPA; only my own thoughts and in no way taking away the full marks for an excellent submission; but. I have found that the use of acronyms, without explanation to be a ‘click’ moment. I know what AusALPA is talking about – and it is tough going through the ‘acronyms’. The lay person i.e. a Senator has no chance of ‘getting it’. The solution (IMHO) is a simple one – a ‘glossary’ and perhaps a very short paragraph explaining e.g AusALPA is…..Brilliant submission, tough to read and digest after a long week ‘at the office’ – on the maybe/ maybe not flight home. Just saying, we tend to talk in acronyms because we understand the meaning and implications; many don’t. Just saying, no slight intended.

Poor old hobby horse, flogged, rid hard and put away wet. But when one thinks of the solid gold, well meant, carefully researched, carefully defined, well written advice from experts government has tipped down the tubes; it makes me wonder if the government is not as baffled by bull-shit as anyone – outside the industry is. They are supposed to have ‘experts’ in BS detection – so where are they?

I know, I ramble on. But we are so deep in the hole now that if sense does not prevail and government listens to and acts on the advice of industry experts, such as AMROBA and AusALPA, then we are destined to meet the doom we have allowed to be created. Kiwi regs; a three Act change and get shut of the bloody developers; before the dyke collapses.

There all done – FWIW – . Its late, my tool kit can stay in the Ute ’till morning. You ever notice how much heavier tools are at night time than they are in the morning – strange, mysterious that is. No matter; without the dogs assistance I doubt the roof we just put on could have been completed. Common rafters not too hard, but, without big dog’s assistance those hip and valley rafters would have me puzzled still. Amazing are the insights half a Vegemite sandwich can provide – if you share the tea in the thermos that is. Aye, brilliant work from the crew, but without the pencil I lost and they found I’d still be driving home. Now Ale, then perhaps supper and Ale; then, just for fun – more Ale. So, we’ll go more a roving. So late into the night. Well, not this night anyway – I’m the only one still awake. Sweet dreams.

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“I dreamt last night of the three weird sisters:

To you they have show’d some truth.” ― William Shakespeare, Macbeth

Selah .-.