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Of perspicacity and susurration.AuntyPru forum version

Pretty fancy words to use when defining what is a common or garden situation; the state of play in the industry battle with the bureaucracy, developers and the political landscape. There has been a major change of Minister (hallelujah) and, quite naturally, this had led to much speculation. Of course, it all depends on who you talk to; but on one item there is absolutely no variation. – A unanimous, heartfelt huge sigh of relief that finally, two village idiots a.k.a the Dunce Duo (and worse) have been removed to a place where they can do no more harm than that already left in their wake. Aye, fare-thee-well Chester and McCormack – don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way to becoming a blot in the national book of shame.

The Wagga Oration – HERE –

“He fell, toppling forward into the sand. He hadn’t even fully realised he’d lost his balance until the ground told him. And the ground didn’t whisper.” ― Dean F. Wilson, Dustrunner

Ayup, now, turn the page and scribe the name of Joyce in the title of the Book of Whispers.

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“When an uninstructed multitude attempts to see with its eyes, it is exceedingly apt to be deceived. When, however, it forms its judgement, as it usually does, on the intuitions of its great and warm heart, the conclusions thus attained are often so profound and so unerring as to possess the character of truth supernaturally revealed.” — Nathaniel Hawthorne

Barnaby is back. It will, no doubt, be a while before we see runs on the board; the man has to play himself in – much to do; and, probably some residual mess to clean up. However; (as we descend into speculation) there is a fair chance matters aeronautical will get some much (desperately) needed attention. The omens are good: with Spence attending Rotortech and making a very good impression on some pretty jaded, hard eyed folk. Most refreshing to be able to say ‘Well done’ to a new DAS. But, as we all know, the pathway to Hell is paved with good intentions. Speculate, just for a moment – let’s say ‘someone’ has ‘reform’ in mind. There are at least some large stumbling blocks to be overcome – leaving aside the ‘internal’ games within the CASA & DoIT hierarchy, bi part insane government, ministerial palpitations and a general lassitude toward dealing with the screaming problems aviation is forced (not by choice) into dealing with. To wit; Atkinson DoIT boss, Spence, McDonald Senator and of course Barnaby, who now holds the keys to the kingdom (if not the CASA executive dunny; or, the DAS office).

Rumour has it too many ways to call with any certainty. – DoIT is on the side of the Angels – or; they bat for the Devil. There is a strong possibility that McDonald was muzzled by McCormack; or simply realised she was on hiding to nothing and faded in the run. Is Barnaby the pivot and hope for real reform. It is a brain teaser of epic proportions and much depends on it; a large much….

So, there are the ‘corners’ all neatly laid out for a Bookie’s nightmare. Race 1 – amendment to ‘the Acts’ (note – not singular). There is serious money being bet on ‘significant’ changes to those important documents; its whispered that the DoIT are going at it – for real. This can happen on Barnaby’s nod. Race 2 – the committee which ‘oversights’ and examines Delegated Legislation has required an amendment to an amendment – unprecedented. This unsung committee has been casting an ever increasingly jaundiced eye over some of the CASA legal twists and basic elements which, although unchallenged, are borderline ‘non-constitutional’. Even Aleck has admitted this, with the rider that no one could afford to make that legal challenge. However, if this committee can get the ‘bit – between their teeth’ and once again, on the Barnaby nod – perhaps the ‘legal’ approach to matters aeronautical could begin to improve – gods alone know how much that is needed. The rape and embuggerance of our pitiful few aerodromes needs a new broom – one with real grunt, for without ‘safe’ airports – those much needed during take off and landing – the risk to the public and the lost ‘revenue’ generated – will soon begin to be noted. Item last – McDonald and her ‘inquiries’. Again, serious money bet that the ‘inquiries’ at the behest of the village idiot where ‘modulated’ (damn near muted IMO). Can McDonald now put her dainty boot back on the gas pedal? You do see my problem – it all centres on predicting which way BJ will jump; once he has caught up with ‘other business’. We do know – for fact that he has stated in conversations that he does not want to have to deal with ‘the mess – ATSB, ASA and CASA – but; if he has to – then he will. It is, in essence, a simple matter for Joyce; back either the CASA nag or the industry thoroughbred. Once that decision is made – a few strokes of the pen, orders issued to minions and it will happen – as directed by the incumbent minister. Starting price Bush Turkey in the Re Joyce Reform Plate – 4/1 (subject to change without notice.

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There; that seems to be the bare bones of it; when I left the BRB indaba they were still at it; mind you its worth noting that ‘opinion’ re the most disgusting, disappointing crew which ever supped at ‘top table’ remains as resolutely unchanged as is the motion to clean ’em all out and start again – with professionals.

Aye well, ramble over –  FWIW – the only clear thing to emerge is that if Barnaby decides ‘enough is enough’ then; at least while he is ‘minister’ things may, perforce, change. If not, then boys and girls, at least you may say – that you were there at the demise of a once vibrant, productive, self motivated, innovative industry; sacrificed to developers greed, political ennui and a government sanctioned lunatic asylum dictating the slaughter list. 

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Ref: & Moorabbin on the chopping block with latest DRAFT Master Plan

“It has been frequently remarked, that it seems to have been reserved to the people of this country to decide, by their conduct and example, the important question, whether societies of men are really capable or not, of establishing good government from reflection and choice, or whether they are forever destined to depend, for their political constitutions, on accident and force.”― Alexander Hamilton, Federalist Papers

But enough – it all gives me a headache – it is a superb evening; crisp, cool and beckoning. The surly bonds of earth can bugger off while I enjoy the peace and quiet of a lamp-lit workshop, a pint of good Ale; and, in a while, I shall stir those lazy animals snoozing by the stove; perhaps if I turn right at the second star and straight on ’till morning – its just visible from the orchard gate you know. Dream on fool;

Selah .-.