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Ref:…-2021-028/ & Qantas – A loop that definitely needs closing? & BJ mentions the A-word in New England & Baffle ’em with Bullshit?

Them as what’s done it and them what’s gonna do it. – AP forum version.

Sage advice from the instructor who introduced me to retractable undercarriages. Stuck with me for many a decade now; it applies pretty much across the gamut of potential ‘Whoops’ -and Murphy’s ever present assistance. Such is life, and it is easy to shrug off a thing like the QLink latest event, until one looks a little deeper. I wonder if there is not a ‘human factors’ hole in this lump of that famous cheese. Only my muddled opinion; but FWIW, here’s something to think over. What is the radical purpose of a ‘check-list’ Bloggs? While you think it over, consider this – what is the ‘most critical’ element of the ‘take-off’ procedure; what are we trying to achieve? One word will supply the correct answer – performance. Low speed, low energy, low altitude, heavy aircraft, hot day – the deck is stacked: in short – little to work with should the ever reliable Pratt decide to take a short break. The simple facts related in the latest QLink episode define a deeper problem than simply not completing a check list. The automatic response to the ‘positive rate’ call is ‘gear up’; full stop, end of. This is a crucial element, we sweat on that call – to ensure performance; instinctive, second nature to a multi engine pilot. But say that for some reason that bit was omitted by both pilots – Shirley should have called for the after take off checks. – When? Well – after take off perhaps would be a good time, with an eye on the speed clock – with a small votive offering to gods of engine reliability. ‘Nuff said – my two bob’s worth.

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The fog hanging over Sleepy Hollow precludes a clear picture. There are tales of serious blood letting and of sugar coating mixing with glimpses of solid common sense happenings. There is also a smattering of cold, clear logic peeping through the murk. Credit must be given to AMROBA, the rock solid logic, backed by naked fact deserve serious attention and ‘immediate’ (departmental speed) action. Can Spence, backed by McDonald and Joyce ring in the changes so desperately needed? Fair question – let’s take a squint at the form guide. For the glass half full crowd there is a definite glimmer of hope.

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ASA seem to have been told to get back into their box; the distasteful arrogance of the Curran answer to Sen. Rice’s QoN regarding ICAO compliance and the entire comedy of the Brisbane second runway has been slapped down by CASA – ‘thin end of the wedge’? The absolute mess the ASA executive have landed themselves in with Halfwit’s wet dream of a Big Sky and bonuses to match cannot ever be publicly examined – not going to happen. But, the CASA response to the ‘tail – wind’ cost cutting may signal a ‘change’ in the cost and way our airspace is being managed; the ICAO ruling was cited – here’s hoping more ICAO compliance will creep in.

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There is even some signs of life within the moribund ATSB – nothing of great value has been published, however the last month or so has seen a veritable ‘flood’ of finalised reports. ATSB cannot be that busy – Hell’s Bells, industry has almost stopped through the virus season; great chance to clear the sizeable back log. Slowly but steadily reports are filtering out. Will the MoU be scrapped and ATSB made independent – responsible only to the Senate? Lots of crossed fingers for that one – 6/1 on the tote.

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Which only leaves the CASA conundrum. We cannot rule Joyce and Spence out of the meaningful change equation – not yet. The acid test will be the removal of the fatuous ‘title’ – CASA is by law, convention and the constitution an Administrative Authority. The word ‘Safety’ included in their vainglorious title is both redundant and risible. Back in the dark ages CASA was only to ‘administer’ a system which complied with ICAO under the Chicago convention – nothing less and most certainly nothing more. Of course Spence can’t simply turn up one morning with a baseball bat and clean the place out – but there are subtle hints that slowly the beasts of Sleepy Hollow are being  dealt with. Its’ not only nature which abhors a vacuum; Spence cannot afford one either. So; we shall watch the ‘Wanted’ ads and the deck chairs to make certain that the internal reform is, albeit slowly, actually happening.

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I hope the ‘lock down’ don’t last too much longer – not sure DT will survive the shock. Two whole days with zero on my ‘to-do’ list; work scheduled completed, no hope of flying – so; I set about cleaning up the workshop. Rafters to stone floors; the lot – even the dogs got a bath (no thanks there). Off cuts sorted; stock racked and sized, 14 plane blades immaculate; two dozen assorted chisels sharpened, half a dozen saws cleaned up, sharpened and set; workbench planed flat and sanded; lamps cleaned and; just for fun, I took a ride on DT’s vacuum cleaner – the dust collected was incredible – I even blackened the stove FCOL. Too pooped to pucker when DT arrived with sausage rolls and tea. But, I fear I have created a monster – if DT thinks for a minute that this ‘cleanliness’ is the new norm and decides to visit more often – well. Aye well, there’s a full moon to light my way; the bloody horse is snoring again, my glass is empty and the breeze whispers through the orchard. “what say you dogs?’ Silly question really –

Selah.-. ‘K’-.-