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“In Xanadu did Kubla Khan” – Auntypru Forum version.

A poem, by S.T. Coleridge always resonates in the background when ‘matters aeronautical’ require serious consideration. It all starts off very well, with old KK making his decree:-

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“A stately pleasure-dome decree:”

Always, without fail, sets my mind to Canberra and ‘the bubble’. Which of course brings the Kool-Aid fountains to mind. This week provided a most excellent series of essays, hand crafted by Clinton McKenzie Esq; which, (to stay on track), brought to mind another stanza from the poem:-

“And ’mid this tumult Kubla heard from far

Ancestral voices prophesying war!”

The theme of the essays is one of the many ‘major’ areas which must, if aviation is to rejoin the world outside the ‘pleasure dome’ be set to rights; to wit, flight crew medicals. The link – HERE – will take you directly to the first, the rest follow below the first post. To me, they are not for the pilot fraternity, although well worth the time, but more importantly, they must be read by the DoIT and probably the PM &C. Why? Well pilot medical qualification has traversed somewhat beyond the pale and quite probably, medical science. Literally hundreds of ‘qualified’ expert diagnosis and opinion, costing probably in the millions (collectively) are often summarily dismissed or, overruled. A minister could put an end this lunacy with the stroke of a pen; indeed it is a sure fire ticket to everlasting glory. You see, it ain’t just ‘medicals’ which are subjected to ‘symptoms’ presented by a very sick ‘Avmed’. It applies, by extension, across the board to all aviation related activity. It comes down to the CASA ‘philosophy’ being rejected, replaced by a realistic, risk aware, approach to satisfying those gods who thrive on the ‘mystique’ which surrounds the industry, baffles good minds with pony-pooh, costs much more than it should and is/has castrated what should be a thriving; not dying industry. Thank you Clinton – (kudos) with the key to the Tim-tam tin is in the mail. 

“It is almost startling to hear this warning of departed time sounding among the tombs, and telling the lapse of the hour, which, like a billow, has rolled us onward towards the grave.”

Nearly done; just one question remains to be satisfactorily resolved after decades of debate; ’tis a simple enough question (ain’t they all) but no one has, as yet come up with a satisfactory answer. Here we go; for a Choc Frog. Why, after three decades of protest, submission to inquiry, Senate inquiry and countless ‘reports’ has any government not stepped in and declared ‘enough’ and rang in the changes requested and required? It is a serious puzzle, despite all industries best efforts, across the spectrum, every single logical, expert piece of advice has been not only nullified, but discarded – despite the millions of tax payer dollars spent asking the questions, being given expert solution (gratis by the way) and then ignoring it. Look no further back than the ASRR – gods alone know the total dollar cost – to achieve Sweet Fanny Adams. What the hell is that all about?

“Life is an unanswered question, but let’s still believe in the dignity and importance of the question.”

There’s not a lot more to comment on; P2 has trapped the latest and best submissions and the links; some good stuff floating about – doomed to end up in the basement archives; ignored, obfuscated and decried as the Ills of Society twaddle.

Aye, no matter – the Pub is open and we managed to get some darts practice in: in anticipation of OS crews arriving soon. The BRB v IOS grudge match the highlight; laughs, good company, draft Ale and a hand (or two) of darts made the ‘welcome back’ party an excellent event – the long suffering landlord even provided a free round of Ale. So, once again, we can at least enjoy the company of fellow travellers – all double jabbed.

That is about it; to say more would put a hex on the slim hopes we have of the current minister and his crew; the signs are positive – probably best not to speak ’em out loud. But Despair has been withdrawn and Forlorn Hope is attracting good odds 15/1. FAR and Few is nudging toward even money and ‘odds on’ is a possibility next week. Yes; I will, very shortly put up the tote board, subject information from ‘track side.’

Storm overhead now; bog standard thing, it will pass by leaving the orchard fresh, dust free and well watered. Some pot licking flea trap has disappeared one of my boots; no doubt it will return when the weather is acceptable for night time rambles. That’s all; enjoy once again, the freedoms a democracy provides – when they let ya!.