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A study: of Horse Manure (and them what spreads it). – AP Forum version.

The greatest comedians, commentators and many great statesmen the world has provided had the twin knack’s of ‘timing’ and ‘truth’ which, melded together provided many of the great quotations. A degree of brevity is required, a succinct ‘one-liner’ which may easily be remembered often serves us to better express an opinion than a 1000 word ramble. It works fine, you can almost reduce your opinion to just two words e.g. Nero fiddles etc. Brevity is the soul of wit (Polonious) – a sense of ‘timing’ is also a requirement.

Of course, the difference between the sublime and the ridiculous is a very, very thin line. ‘Tuther side of the coin invokes Lincoln’s (Twain) oft quoted wisdom –
“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”

There are some fine examples floating about at present; prime studies of bad timing, bad delivery and little to recommend in the way of memorable wit; or he who delivered the lines.

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“[a] poor player

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,

And then is heard no more.

Heard no more would be a fine thing methinks. Whichever way it was mentioned – alluding to one’s home town as the capitol of the nation, simply because your sorry arse happens to be there smacks of a terminal arrogance – whichever way the phrase was used. Then, to open your mouth, simply to change feet is unpardonable.

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Every fool in the market place knows, full well, that Horse Pooh is not self combusting (or igniting). The amount of it piled up in Canberra alone is proof positive, beyond reasonable doubt, that it ain’t true. The fact the real capitol has not been reduced to ashes and memory further irrefutable evidence. There are mountains of the stuff piled about the place; carefully camouflaged to look like something else; but, for all that artful subterfuge, the fact that remains – a pile of dung, by any other name would smell the same. (Sorry Will)….

Perhaps our mindless mummer has had some acting lessons from a ‘DIY’ book on stage craft and oratory; remembering only the last words of the preamble:-

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No matter; there are still some sane folk knocking about; P2 being one of ‘em; although after the last round of research, a serious need for two rounds of golf was strongly recommended, to restore equanimity. It was an innocent question, asked by a new, junior associate which triggered it – “when did the real trouble begin?” Well, the answer is a long, long read. The abridged version is posted – HERE – and a one coffee read. There is a a much, much longer version available; a published thesis. I’ve cribbed the – ABSTRACT – below; pursuing the remaining 400 odd pages, I leave to the reader. There are some parts which may be stepped around, speeding the process, but some of it makes bloody good sense. Handing over….

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Enforcement strategies utilized by the civil aviation safety regulator in Australia have to date, received scant attention from researchers. This thesis is a first attempt to look at such enforcement strategies and apply them to practical situations. It does so in an all embracing manner, taking into account the part played by aviation’s historical origins, both international and domestic, that have led to the complex set of aviation safety regulations now in existence. It pays particular attention to the historical importance of Australia’s former unique two-airline policy and the constitutional problems facing the early lawmakers dealing with a constitution written before the advent of aviation. It describes and examines regulatory theory as it relates to such enforcement strategies and attempts to bring together such theory with practice by applying it to practical examples. Finally it analyses how certain pressures and influences may have swayed the type of enforcement strategies pursued by the regulator at various times as these are evidenced in parliamentary inquiries and reported cases in the years since economic de-regulation of the aviation industry.

The thesis puts forward the hypothesis that strategies of enforcement employed by the civil aviation regulatory authority have a profound effect on aviation safety. It contends that evidence drawn from inquiries and reported cases over a twenty-year period point to a regulator who prefers a compliance strategy of cooperation with industry, rather than a sanctioning or deterrence strategy.

The thesis also emphasizes that the evidence drawn from various inquiries and coroner’s inquests points to the fact that such a strategy, if it is lacking or seen to be lacking in adequate checks and balances, can pose an increased risk to aviation safety. Emphasis is placed on the need for the aviation safety regulator to be at all times cognizant of the dangers that are inherent in a compliance based enforcement strategy, especially where the regulator puts itself in ‘partnership’ with industry.

A number of topics have been identified for further research. They include the need for a greater comparative analysis of enforcement strategies used by regulators in similarly aligned countries to Australia, the concept of regulatory ‘capture’ and a comparative inquiry into the sometimes ambiguous dual role of ‘educator’ and ‘policeman’ expected of the regulator

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There I was, sitting on the workshop stool, enjoying a second coffee, looking at a clean tidy workbench, contemplating a day of idleness. A pair of small hands appeared on the bench top, followed by a mop of curly hair and a small, angelic face. “What?” I gruffed. Undaunted by my pretend bark and backed up by two large furry critters, the royal command was politely issued. “I need a cupboard, with a door and a drawer at the bottom – not a very big one, just the right size – please”. I know when I’m beaten – I tried; alas. “What shall I make it from?” – “Oh, there’s that lovely Celery Top Pine in the rack – here”  “OK and when would you like it?” – “Mum says you have some spare time now and if you got a wriggle on, I could have it for Christmas” (veiled threat delivered with angelic smile). Then, the killer blow – “I’ve drawn you a picture – look”. Game, set and match; I swear the dogs are still chuckling away as they follow the never ending pathway to forbidden treats for loyal support. Aye well, best crack on; I can manage domestic tyranny ‘one on one’ but when there’s a gang, it’s best to give in gracefully.



And now a party political message from our DPM and leader of the #Nationals.

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P2 –  Big Grin Big Grin