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Of Terriers – and their kindred spirits.

I expect many of our regular readers may have guessed, by now, my great affection and respect for all of those who have four legs – not two. On a batting average, accrued over many years, I have found 13% of human kind to be worth the knowing, while the animal kingdom bats at 87%. Rarely does one come across a human to whom a tribute equal to that of a well regarded animal may be paid – but; our very own ‘terrier’ – he; the champion of all government dustbin recovery breeds, merits our highest regard, respect and affection. I speak of P2. Bear with me; or not, as pleases.

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Yet hast thou thought and language all unknown
To Babel’s scholars; oft intensest looks,
Long scrutiny o’er some dark-veined stone
Dost thou bestow, learning dead mysteries
Of the world’s birth-day, oft in eager tone
With quick-tailed fellows bandiest prompt replies,
Solicitudes canine, four-footed amities — Thomas Lovell Beddoes (1803-1849)

This – HERE – is the result of about two weeks of unrelenting ‘hunting’ by one terrier. The import may be missed by many, but not by P2. His revelations this week alone, related to Australia’s ‘light’ approach to ICAO compliance and the legal chicanery to avoid the ‘responsibility’ for not only ‘air safety’ but compliance with the spirit and intent of the government’s stated intention (and funding for) to comply with any of the ICAO tenets. Not compliant in spirit or intent. “Bullshit” howls the mob – until it is not only explained – but demonstrated.

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For example:-

CASA “- to continue to focus on aviation safety as the highest priority.”

And yet, despite the posturing and rhetoric; the very airport home of all aviation based business is being “raped and plundered.” Volumes of evidence – large structures invading ‘safety-zones’. Air-side facilities and access by aircraft operators – denied. How can this be? Well: that is an easy question to answer – P2’s research clearly defines that. Not only do we have the world wide ‘highest score’ on non-compliance with ICAO annex 14; shared between the parsimony of ASA (big debts) the ‘no responsibility’ of CASA and the endless wait for the ATSB to rule on the DFO at Essendon being ‘not quite right’. We also fail (abjectly) to even acknowledge the ‘California Code’ related to aircraft in trouble hitting buildings in their flight path. Yet no one can be held accountable. – The responsibility ‘parcel’ is in ‘ultra slow motion’: passed between the various agencies until, after a good long while, the shock, horror and legal implications of a 5 ton aircraft ploughing into a building is so lost in time and momentum that it becomes only a Banjo player in a large symphony orchestra. Why? Check Australia’s compliance with ICAO annex 14; over 1000 ‘differences’ noted; by far the largest of all the annexes. It begs a question though don’t it?

CASA “- to continue to focus on aviation safety as the highest priority.”

Then why is that building at Essendon still standing? Why are secondary airports being made not fit for aeronautical activity? Why is the minister (like it or not) responsible not taking our very expensive regulator to task about the clearly defined, deliberate avoidance of compliance with ICAO annex 14, the California Code and the dangers their approach imposes on an unsuspecting public? Who’s ‘safety’ is CASA protecting? The developers, the minister’s. or their own exalted, untouchable power to do as they please; while the tax paying public fund the colossal hoax, all the while believing they are ‘safe’? – Bollocks they are. 

“I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.” Friedrich Nietzsche

Then, once again, for ministerial consideration, there is the outright denial of ICAO, through registered ‘differences’ creating many of the disadvantages Australian aviation faces when ‘trying’ to navigate ‘business’ arrangements with ICAO compliant agencies, such as the USA; Europe and ICAO compliant Asian nations. Millions of potential revenue dollars; jobs and international acceptance denied – because Australia does not have the mechanisms in place to allow this. Read Annex 8; and, weep for the hamstrung nation’s businesses, productivity and investments denied. Ask why are we not to be ICAO compliant in the global market?

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“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time― Abraham Lincoln

Problem is of course, we all know ‘whodunit’ – but, we know not why. But who will change it? That is ‘the’ question; the only one which matters. A secondary question would be ‘how much longer will the first world aviation nations tolerate Australia’s smart Aleck – ‘duck-you’ attitude to international ICAO compliance? Probably a good long while – a non competitive Australia; drowning in it’s own slurry is very good for those nations thriving in their aviation resurgence. While you are ‘at-it’ ask why Australia needs to be so non ICAO compliant and so out of touch with the reality of our near neighbours – by decades. End of……

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“There is no instance of a nation benefiting from prolonged warfare.” — Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

For those who have not partaken of; read and understood P2’s painstaking research alongside of AMROBA’s offering – then, my twiddle will make no differ. Those who have done their homework will understand – I could have saved myself the bother when I think about it – but converts to ICAO world best practice are always welcome at my campfire.

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“Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more,

Men were deceivers ever,-

One foot in sea and one on shore,

To one thing constant never.” — William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing

You know that Hercules had a couple of ‘tasks’ to complete – well; he never had to repair a church door – bloomin’ whimp. I ain’t, by nature, ‘attuned to the spiritual world’. Particularly dumb in that sphere- but that bloody door was ‘angry’. Splinters are a rarity; cuts and bruises from making or repairing  even more so; however. I’ve never met such a contrary lump of wood. Two band-aids bear testimony; three very blunt chisels supporting evidence, a plane blade which needed ‘deep’ repair a testament to the battle (won). That entire door must have been held ‘in tension’ for it’s life time – once that was released (with a struggle) the ‘blessed thing’ seemed quite amenable to repair; it only tried to maim one of the blokes who came to load it up and take it away. Phew! Aye well, ’tis a full moon on a Spring night, Venus and a couple of other old friends shine – perhaps a stroll, a cigar (shhh) and some four footed company will make the journey complete. Hulloah! even the cat is limbering up – must be a very pleasant evening outdoors indeed. – Just so – let us proceed……….