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Belling the Cat?? 

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“The government is merely a servant―merely a temporary servant; it cannot be its prerogative to determine what is right and what is wrong, and decide who is a patriot and who isn’t. Its function is to obey orders, not originate them.” ― Mark Twain

In the past, one could pull up on ramp anywhere in the world, park, find a Pub, shower and head to the bar. Quite often, there would be fellow pilots and over a few beers, yarns would be swapped, tales told and the general state of aviation would be, once again, a prime topic. Australian pilots could and quite rightly defend the national pride, the argument supported by the quality of aircrew produced. Not any longer; now the trend is to stay away from peer group discussion,  unable to withstand the sympathetic looks, head shaking and the derision. The reason is simple enough, old fashioned shame. It is a sad and terrible thing to be ashamed of your nation; yet that is the position we find our selves dragged into, despite protest, inquiry and evidence supporting the almost unbelievable state of this once proud national industry has devolved into.

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“History, in general, only informs us what bad government is. ” ― Thomas Jefferson, Letters of Thomas Jefferson

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References: SBG Post #95 & The Iron Ring & the Hooded canary

I cannot bring myself to actually read through the latest ATSB report into the Angel Flight fatal at Mt Gambier. Others will make the comment required, too many words for me. I prefer to use only two, Bullshit and Corrupt. The use of a SR is a despicable act, made disgusting when there are several serious incidents to which no SR have been issued, (long list supplied on application):  many accident reports to which the investigations have been inconclusive or, deliberately delayed until the heat is off. ATSB under Beaker was disgraceful, but under the Hi-Viz Hood it has simply become part of a PR group protecting the ministerial rump. Soon or late, someone will have to answer for this, it is only a matter of time before the ‘big guns’ and grown ups become aware of the dishonesty in playing at politics instead of making serious efforts to resolve, genuinely and realistically the why, the how and the cure for accident. We can only hope that the Essendon accident involves the USA agencies for an independent assessment; perhaps then some honesty may be injected before the bullshit overwhelms. We shall see….

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None of this of course will deflect the CASA juggernaut from its intended path of destruction, through the use regulation for embuggerance, as and whenever it pleases. The Glen Buckley saga is one of many; shortly to become just another one of the many, many sad cases, buried in the CASA back yard. There is some hope that the Senate Committee will mount some kind of inquiry – but, seriously, why bother? We have had a dozen of those in my lifetime – not sure I can stand to do it all again in a vainglorious attempt to bring in meaningful change.

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Dear Prime Minister,

My name is Glen Buckley. I have over 25 years’ experience in the flight training industry. I have operated in the roles of Flying Instructor, Chief Flying Instructor, Head of Operations, and most recently as the CEO of the Australian Pilot Training Alliance. Based on my experience I consider myself a Subject Matter Expert, on aviation safety, training, and compliance matters.

I have raised my concerns internally within CASA, and most recently at the CASA Board level.

As this is primarily, a matter of aviation safety I am compelled to act. My claims are substantive, I have a significant body of supporting evidence, and I stand fully accountable in law, for all my statements and actions.

In the interests of aviation safety, I call on you to immediately remove the following CASA employees from any Safety Sensitive Activities (SSA) within CASA, and that they be returned to duties, pending the results of an independent investigation.

I can only comment on their conduct as CASA personnel, and make no assertions about them personally or outside of the work environment, because I have no knowledge of these matters.

In the conduct of their CASA duties, they will come in to contact with other operators, therefore this is a matter of aviation safety generally.

Those personnel are;

• Mr Graeme Crawford in his role as CASA Group Manager- Aviation.
• Mr Craig Martin in his role as CASA Executive Manager Regulatory Services and Surveillance.
• Mr Will Nuttall in his role as CASA Certificate Team Manager-Southern Region
• Mr Brad Lacy in his role as CASA Flying Operations Inspector- Southern Region.

Those personnel have made decisions that demonstrate “unconscionable conduct” and those decisions compromise the safety of aviation. For clarity, this is an allegation of corruption within CASA.

In making those decisions and negatively impacting on the safety of aviation, I allege they have clearly, repeatedly, and demonstrably breached their obligations in accordance with;

• Their respective Position Descriptions for their respective roles within CASA.
• Obligations placed on them by CASAs own Regulatory Philosophy…philosophy
• The Ministers Statement of Expectations. I include the Statement of Expectations that was current at the time they made their decisions, and also the current Ministers Statement ofExpectations.
• Procedures outlined in CASAs own Enforcement Manual, and most particularly with regards to the Preface written by Mr Shane Carmody in his role as and the manuals obligations, with regards to Administrative Law, Procedural Fairness, and natural justice.…ent-manual

• The PGPA Act
• APS Values and Code of Conduct.

I have been through CASAs Industry Complaints Commissioner, but found the final report showed a lack of understanding of the complex nature of the complaints, as that department would generally deal with more “administrative” matters. I appreciate that I can accelerate my complaints to the Ombudsman, but as this is a matter of aviation safety, and relates to corruption within CASA, I am bringing it to your attention.
Previous correspondence to the responsible Minister has been ignored, hence I bring this to the attention of the Prime Ministers Department.

The purpose of this correspondence is to request that I present my case to you or your nominee, for further assessment.

Most respectfully

Glen Buckley

Think on, first you carefully prepare and edit a submission, dutifully send it along, patiently wait for the inquiry to begin, listen, watch and read the entire thing – then applaud then recommendations – then watch as it all turns to crap – again. Nope, not good enough. Time to bring in the heavy mob – there are questions of law here; IMO there are good grounds for prosecution of several CASA officials. Anything less than a full on Judicial inquiry is simply another waste of time, effort and money. See Pel-Air if you doubt that.

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Had dear old Barnaby not blotted his copy book, maybe something would have been done. He did state publicly that matters aeronautical were a difficult, politically dangerous area; however, he also said that if he had to deal with it – then he would – properly. Alas, we ended up with the current Muppet pretending to be a ‘responsible crown minister’. We preferred Clown Miniscule, not only has he shown absolutly no interest, but seems to quite happy to be held captive by a ruthless bunch of miscreants, posing as ‘advisors’ or worse ‘experts’.

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If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” ― Mark Twain

The whole thing is ‘beyond’ bordering on lunacy and quite beyond the ken of responsible, sensible, mostly sane folks who must not only tolerate the unholy shamble, but pay for it. To add insult to injury, daring to speak out against the travesty is a one way ticket to a ride on my house boat – home to Hell’s Gate in one fell swoop.

Don’t care, not today. The dogs have been bathed, groomed and advised to be on their very best behaviour; we have a birthday party to attend – a royal command from a princess no less, best behaviour requested and required. Cake and ice cream to follow, its always great fun to watch the dog’s tactics – hand crafted to suit every child – they always seem to do very well at this sort of event.