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Ref: Indiana Joyce and the Raiders of the Bottomless Trough & Glen Buckley ‘CASA destroyed my business’ & [font=’droid sans’, sans-serif]A CASA captured EWH dishonour’s Phelan’s legacy? &…parts-casa

Of Camels, straw and Buckley.– Auntypru Forum version

I wonder how many more ‘straws’ the back of the small to medium sized aviation operations are prepared to carry, before something snaps. For a couple of mad decades now, industry has been progressively intimidated into the silence of self preservation. Quietly acquiescing to ever more burdensome demonstrations of compliance loads; extravagant costs, criminal records, fines and some risible operational nonsense – all in the name of survival. Buckley ain’t the first to fall down a rabbit hole and wind up in a very strange place; but, IMO he should be the last. There is an extensive list of arbitrarily ‘shut down’ operations, the ‘evidence’ in some cases dubious to say the least. That list is a small one compared to the list of those who have simply accepted the impositions, re-drafted their manuals and struggled on, hoping that the lip service and ‘appearance’ of compliance is enough to keep the wolf from the door. – Ah! the fool is drawing a low bow again they say – regrettably – not true. Add up the number of submissions made to any ‘inquiry’ from outfits like ‘Fred Bloggs Charter’ based in Kickinatinalong; citing the onerous dictates which must, on penalty of annihilation be seen to be complied with; not too many of those is there. Ever wonder why?

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It is a fair and reasonable call on executive government to guarantee that Buckley is the very last in the parade of those shut down without serious prior consultation and opportunity to reform/comply or satisfy the regulation. A business decimated without clear reason, proven at law, is not a thing which should happen in a civilised democratic country. Buckley should be the straw which collapses the bloody roof.


Item next: Each way Hitch and his puerile attempts to protect the hegemony of advertisers. If, as Sandy says, Hitch had the insight, information and writing ability of Phelan, then, perhaps his scribbling could gain a modicum of respect; alas, both ends being flagrantly played against the middle wins nothing but contempt. Even those who prefer the middle ground, those acknowledge a ‘good’ thing while being aware of the bad are respected, as ‘balance’. But, what with industry’s long, loud outcry for balance being defined as ‘chatter’ I second Sandy’s outrage and reasoning – however – the bit that had me reaching for the houseboat bucket was this little bit of (words fail here)

“But Walker has large shoulders, after all, he has been the person responsible for wrangling CASA’s relationship with the aviation community for five years and still manages to crack a daily smile.”

What a load of CASA funded BOLLOCKS. Never, not ever, in over thirty odd years that the senior ‘associates’ can remember, has CASA been held in such contempt. An almost complete lack of ‘technical’ expertise, operational know-how and basic honesty combined with a distrust which has come to international notice is how CASA are seen by their peers and betters – Walker sure has ‘wrangled’ that alright; to the point of contempt. Unanimous – change of title for Hitch – no longer each way – but Kiss Ass Hitch; anyone’s and everyone’s. Contemptuous creature –

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“But for a long time, altogether unnoticed by his comrades, there had ripened in his soul a dark contempt for mankind; contempt mingled with despair and painful, almost deadly fatigue.” Leonid Andreyev, Seven Who Were Hanged

Aye well – it is a very good thing to see restrictions being lifted; no doubt at all, darts and pub definitely on the agenda; but I do miss the days of low traffic volumes. Current job site used to be a pleasant 12 minute, one smoke drive; 35 minutes on Friday – most wearing on the nerves; some have not had a lot of practice lately. Just have to adapt again I suppose – but it was very pleasant ‘on-the-road’ there for a while. Almost time to make decisions again – strap an aircraft to my nether regions – or exeunt to a more peaceful life – I’ve gotten quite used to that too. Time will tell I expect.

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It is that time again – meal time for the four footed friends; I got an early start to this twiddle so we begin the ritual. Pollard, Bran, chaff and lucerne hay into a bucket signal the beginning – meat eaters casually head toward the fridge – but; I reckon the cat has it sorted, She knows that when I open the fridge and take her ‘jab’ out of the fridge – it is time to eat. It is a pleasant way to welcome sunset; all done and I head for ‘the tap’ and pull an Ale, light a smoke and just sit for a while; I can almost tell to the second when the horse will fart – the donkey never does – well not in my hearing anyway – passing strange that is.

Selah –