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Of chickens and their eggs. – AP forum version.

Ayup; here in Oz we have plenty of political chickens and they always seem to manage to lay an egg. One of the most massive, group efforts made by our political chickens is the Bipartisan behemoth of Aviation Safety. It is, truly a monolithic thing, constructed like the harbour bridge (which is still for sale by the way). But, at the first mention of ‘aviation’ – out come the bipartisan drums, whistles and flags and off they go – en mass – to wash their hands of anything to do with becoming involved. It always amuses me; there are hundreds of the buggers parked in the parliament who will kick up row over anything from the colour of the tea lady’s boots to whether transgender males can breast feed their offspring – but mention the ‘A’ word – suddenly they all agree. 

Well, the chickens from those eggs are coming home to roost at a rapid rate – the aviation industry was on it’s collective knees before the Covid thing – and is now hanging on for grim death. Whether our chickens believe it or not, an essential industry is almost extinct. It can be saved, because, if its not this country will be the poorer for the loss and every bloody fool politician who failed to act sensibly and realistically will carry the blame. There is however hope for salvation; provided someone has the balls and the brains to seek ‘good advice’ and have the courage to act on it. People like Tony Kern, Phill Hurst, Ken Cannane, John Sharp and half a dozen others I could mention could – provided they were supported, turn things from dust into gravy. Almost the whole industry and those who do; or would invest need only two things changed. Adoption of the NZ regulations and an overhaul of the way CASA conduct business i.e. a complete reform – from ‘culture’ to ‘legal vulture’.

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To begin the salvation, the DoIt must rewrite the Air Navigation Act; make it constitutional and lay responsibility where it belongs. AMROBA spells it out clearly enough for even our doltish minuscule to puzzle out. We need to build investor confidence; they ain’t stupid, and, they need a degree of legal certainty before backing a project. They also like to know  that the ‘investment’ will deliver a return – on time. This means certainty of operational approval in a reasonable, predictable time frame. Mission impossible as matters stand. It is way past the time when ‘bipartisan’ will do. There are some ducking big questions which need to be answered and urgent matters which demand political attention. So get on with it -whydontcha? 

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“Again why does the transport and aviation industry have to suffer due to the incompetence of a ribbon cutting, vip jet loving, former country town news paper editor with no credibility who only skill is donning an Elvis outfit and covering his arse from leadership coups #auspol…8868689920


Not too much of a subject change; but the SBG was delayed while the BRB spent most of today ‘examining’ and discussing (lots of cussing) the ATSB report into the Ross Air crash. I’ll try and keep this short.  One. The ATSB report has been dismissed as a well edited placebo, designed to minimise the extent to which CASA made a pigs ear of oversight and subtly lay blame at the aircrew feet. Two. Strong representation must be made by the families involved to the Coroner and make sure the inquest is widened out as far as possible, so that ‘other’ matters directly related to the event can be properly examined. Three: There exist several factors which while not directly associated with a narrow focus on the accident, in our collective opinion, formed part of the causal chain. These may not be directly connected with the in fight events of that day – but the company ‘culture’, maintenance issues, CASA’s inaction and other related matters all played a part in a tragic, totally unnecessary fatal accident. A Senate inquiry will not suffice, the Pel-Air debacle clearly demonstrated what a toothless tiger looks like.

But enough – it has been a long hard day. I can’t make politicians drop the lazy cop out of bipartisan ‘carte blanche’ allowing CASA to do whatever they please and get away Scot free. Reform of the Act, the CASA the ATSB and ASA has been needed for decades now. When we emerge from this virus scare; whats left of an ailing industry will need every bit of help it can get from the minister and the government. Hell’s Bells all they need to do is hire the right people – industry people – folk who know which end the smoke comes out of. BI bloody partisan that.

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Now, there is a new foal which needs to be seen to, the dogs have been patient and I need some air, a smoke and a quiet Ale (or two). Best crack on – Away dogs.