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“By the pricking of my thumbs.”

“Something wicked this way comes.” – AP forum version.

Well, we have our three witches clearly identified. If you now cast McCormack as Macbeth, the story line becomes clear. Having murdered ‘his’ Duncan to become King – Macbeth  wants ‘more’ assistance from the three witches – however:-
E_Notes – The context of this scene is Hecate’s scolding of the witches. She is their head and she comes among them, angry that they have made prophecies to Macbeth without her permission. She tells them they should not help mortal men. A man like Macbeth, she states, will not feel any obligation to think better of them for trying to do him a good turn. She reminds them that he is their enemy. She wants them to double down on him and trick him in order to hasten his doom. The witches, who have been preparing a cauldron of “toil and trouble,” are prepared to do just that once Macbeth enters.

Ayup, but the three witches are now in deep do-do with their boss. With just a little use of imagination, you can see the story of Macbeth being repeated in real life. The CASA trio are deeply mired in some pretty heavy duty criticism from just about all corners. Not just the irritating bites and stings of fleas, the opposition has fangs and real venom. The PM&C taking a hand, Professional Association up in arms; AusAlpa picking up sticks; a Senate Inquiry and the Senate committee which considers ‘delegated legislation’ taking a dim view of the appalling liberties taken. This is background noise – muted – because the folks involved can and do, ‘speak softly and carry a big stick’. The question is – will they use it? Much as we would love to see a public thrashing, that won’t happen (alas). But, one just gets a feeling that behind the scenes, serious changes are in the wings, waiting for their turn on stage. We shall see. But, you all know how it ended for Macbeth, conned by witches to end up neatly hoist on his own petard, so to speak. 


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Key points:

  • Pilot of a PA-28 light aircraft did not sight an ATR airliner, which the controller had instructed them to follow
  • PA-28 turned in front of the ATR, resulting in a near collision
  • Pilots on both aircraft made incorrect assumptions about both each other’s movements
  • Controller did not seek confirmation from the PA-28 pilot that they understood the instruction to follow the ATR

Earlier this year, we had a mid air collision – four killed – little fuss made about it and the ATSB did sweet Fanny Adams of anything about it. In October last year there was a very, very close call between a passenger scheduled service ATR 72 and a four seat PA 28. There was, at a controlled aerodrome, a complete, total breakdown of the safeguards designed and put in place to prevent such an accident occurring. This occurrence is completely unacceptable; there should have been both a government and public outcry. Instead, we only got a ‘milk and water’ report from the ATSB which glibly steps around the important, fundamental elements – holes in that famous Swiss cheese – which bloody near ended in tragedy. Nowhere near good enough – and IMO borderline fraudulent; two aircraft in a controlled environment, within seconds of colliding- and ATSB give us a ‘move along – nothing to see’ report. Bollocks. 

Nothing to back up this supposition, just a faint whiff on the breeze and a ‘feeling’ but this week could provide some evidence of whether serious changes are on the cards. Don’t know, but perhaps. One thing is becoming abundantly clear though; if nothing is done then the aviation industry is well and truly buggered for the next decade. Aye; money always helps; but if the government don’t reach up into the cockpit and release the regulatory hand brake; we cannot move forward and recover at the pace the aviation industry is capable of achieving and desperately needs.

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‘We’ are off to a birthday party (now running late) – by ‘royal’ command; “bring the dogs or else”. No problem, they too have a partiality for birthday cake. Mind how you go.