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Bi Part; Insanity = Dystopian landscape. – AP forum version

I wonder if politicians of both stripes; gearing up for election have considered the backlash from the number of voters, in rural and remote locations who know and probably live close to someone who has benefited from the sterling, no cost, selfless dedication Angel Flight (AF) provides to those towns. Or; how much money AF saves a responsible health service in transport costs alone; or, even if the list of those who are  wealthy enough (and influential enough) to donate the money and time to save this nation a whopping bill freely given to ensure AF keep operating. On a purely cynical ‘how many votes is it worth’ tally any wannabe politician must take into account one simple fact – folk in rural and remote locations tend to know each other, stick together and not only their votes but their intimate knowledge of local issues, such as child needing medical care count. Seriously – China, global warming, BLM, Woke, Trans whatever’s and all the other highly vocal, noisy minorities don’t signify – not when a local child dies or suffers simply because, for some artificially generated restriction; pilot Fred could not carry a child to hospital for treatment. Aye, it’s worth a thought or two. Well if I wanted to represent a regional electorate – I would be barking mad about it.

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“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect). — Mark Twain.

“About what?” asks the voting crowd. Ti’s a good question; in my muddled way, an explanation of sorts is here attempted. In essence, it ain’t a complicated matter, not at the radical it ain’t. Take the time to watch and understand the Hansard video of Doolittle’s last round of amateur theatrics; a circus and a great fraud foisted on an uneducated nation. Not, buy the by – that the great unwashed have time to spare to listen to an insignificant gab fest, related to aircraft, aerodromes or even the plight of children, the sick and the elderly in need of medical treatment. ‘Q’ public interest in the proceedings? ‘A’ Virtually non existent. Aye; and there’s the rub.

All, every last single drop of blood, of deceit and of dereliction of duty must be laid at the feet of both sides of politics. There can be no escape, nor excuse from that. “Proof” bellows our learned colleague from ‘the other side’. Silly question really, for it is there, every day, all day, Hiundai. “Proof” of the most graphic, damning sort is freely available. Takes about 60 seconds to find and about five minutes to digest – a clear result of bipartisan hand washing from gutless politicians. Bear with me and I’ll tell the tale of a failed democracy, the death of accountability, the creation of a monster and the death throes of a once thriving industry . 

“The most confused you will ever get is when you try to convince your heart and spirit of something your mind knows is a lie― Shannon L. Alder

Once upon a time, in the beginning, our politicians decided to ‘rubber stamp’ any and all legislation created related to matters aeronautical. No matter what the ‘authority’ or how it was named could do no wrong – they are the experts etc…. I say, anyone who, in public office. can watch but two video recordings of the McDolittle farcical ‘inquiry’ without a shred of guilt needs serious help and is not competent to be in Parliament. Anyone who has witnessed this whole charade, from soup to nuts, and is not ‘alarmed’ probably bats for the opposition. 

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“A clear conscience is the sure sign of a bad memory.” — Mark Twain.

The first thing is to read through the AF submission to the McDolittle farce; tedious though it be. Secondly, have a listen to the AF session – on Hansard etc. Then watch the first 69 seconds of the CASA ‘interview; but pay close attention. For all is revealed; right there. Ignore the CASA butchered sound – turn it off for the first go through – just watch. I profile Spence has transmogrified from Chook (OZ slang for Chicken) into Turkey. Double chin and ‘bright red wattle. Clearly panicked. The first she has heard of the Monohan contempt of either Senate or of court (one or t’uther) has landed with a thud – only seconds before she’s ‘on’. Red faced and panicked, clearly shocked and angry, she elects to read a prepared statement, one in which she says “my team” etc. Clearly there’s been a brawl; clearly she is completely out of the ‘boy’s’ loop. Watch the ‘pecking motions’ as she clearly reads herself “under the bus:”while Monohan sits with his boot parked on a handy chair, listening to the ‘mewing’ of Aleck as the bus wheels crunch over the carcass of the unpopular DAS (as was). Spence must resign.

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“There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Parliament; you have not been ‘Raped’.  But Graped – i.e. there is a bunch of ’em. Time to take back the control lost in your bi-part-insane avoidance of all responsibility. Should both ‘ball’s and brain’ still be functioning; take a look at the most excellent submission of the Kingston Council. Legally accurate, operationally concise; and, importantly – in full defence of those they are elected to represent.

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Politics without principle. – Ring any bells?

Given the public money squandered on ‘inquiry’ perhaps its time to open another. This time a real one; no holds barred. The blatant acts of Embuggerance, for pure ‘malice aforethought’ CASA have managed over two decades demand a Judicial or Royal inquiry; make no mistake, the evidence is there – lots of. It only requires the men and women of this once great nation to fairly and justly hear exactly what ‘their’ collective bipartisan cop-out has done to a once thriving industry. CASA have taken the advantage – that which the elected politicians have abrogated in favour of no responsibility. Now I thought that was the reason we elected them – to take care of all Australians. Someone’s buggered that – well and truly. Here endeth the ramble I had to have. Sorry – but the situation is becoming beyond risible – bordering on dereliction of the civic duty we pay dearly for.

Oh aye: another ramble : “Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing”. But consider – I am not the only one ‘at it’ am I. No matter – two ‘French doors’ made to order in top grade’ Pacific Maple –  made on the bench and installed. A most satisfactory week; although the smell of wet horse, wet dogs and wet cat paw prints on my timber tend to take the shine off – even shouted at the cat “Gerrofffit” – never have I seen such a look of disdain as it gracefully and slowly ambled away – such is life in the fast lane and the small pleasures therein.

Selah .-.